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EIGHT OF SWORDS by David Skibbins

There are those who believe in fortune tellers, though most of us don’t. The tarot card reader operating as a part-time street vendor on Berkeley’s unsavoury Telegraph Avenue doesn’t believe in his own brand of bullshit either. Unfortunately, the cards keep turning up threatening omens—more frequently than random card dealing should predict.

And that’s only the beginning of seemingly arbitrary events.

HIGH PRIESTESS by David Skibbins

HIGH PRIESTESS’s protagonist, Warren Ritter, is a bipolar smartass with a few secrets, only one of which is his collection of multiple identities, each with its own driver’s licence and legal residence. Warren is a kickass turd—definitely not someone you want living next door—at least for most of the story, he feels dangerously out of control. Horrors come out of the walls, Warren’s past seeps into his present and he’s involuntarily plunged into the middle of an inquiry into attempted murder.