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2013 story: Who's Murdering Crime Fiction?

By Theresa de Valence - Posted on 10 May 2013

In May 2013, our membership on the Crime Fiction group on LinkedIn had grown to over 2,200 members. So in celebration of our augmented readership, we began writing a progressive crime story .

We welcomed everyone to join us as a reader or to collaborate as a writer. Sadly, the project stalled, but read on to find out what we did.


About our contributing authors—

Learn more about the authors who have contributed to our Crime Fiction story.

For writers—

Don't read these next links unless you want some plot spoilers—read the story first (pdf at bottom of page, under the blue bar). For interested new authors, check here for the rules, guidelines and story background for Authors Intent On Murdering Crime Fiction. For returning authors who want an update on how the story is progressing, check the Story Analyses.

Who's due to write next? Is it you?

For readers—

The entire story (so far) is attached as a pdf on this page (see the dark blue bar below). Because story fragments have moved around as the story progresses, individual contributions from authors are no longer separately posted as web pages.

In the pdf are Bookmarks for each new Chapter and Section (sections are displayed as a line of asterisks). If you're using Adobe Acrobat, the file is set to open with Bookmarks displayed. Both Internet Explorer and Firefox now have built-in pdf viewers which will display Bookmarks but you may have to fiddle to get them to show up.

Note that new story sections are not necessarily added at the end of the existing story, many are inserted into the story. For this reason, you may find using Bookmarks helpful.

Opening the pdf using Acrobat or IE, the file opens with the Bookmarks displayed. The bookmarks are not displayed by default in Firefox, I don't know why. More updates when I know more.

Crime Fiction Story 2103-06-22188.32 KB

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Chapter 11 is my favorite so far!

Theresa de Valence's picture

Glad you like it, Marni. Hope the next pages keep up your interest.

I have just stumbled upon your LinkedIn, "Crime Fiction Group". I'm just a reader myself, but I am happy to have joined the ranks! As usual, great read! :)

Best wishes,
Jose Ordonez

Theresa de Valence's picture

Thanks, Jose

The title of the article “Who’s is Murdering Crime Fiction” caught my attention. I love books and novels which fall in to the Crime Fiction genre and I am glad to know about the LinkedIn group for Crime Fiction lovers. I am really excited about the ongoing work and I hope that it releases soon.

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