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By Theresa de Valence - Posted on 25 June 2012

I met Hannah Morrison a while ago in the first book in the series. Most of the details are gone now, but I found Hannah likable. I particularly appreciated learning about the complexities of her world. I brought these expectations to THROUGH DARK SPACES which author Karen Hall fulfills thoroughly.

Karen has a marvellous ability to quickly envelop the reader in a very tense present. This time we’re in a mine. It’s dark and quite a long way from the surface. Whoosh.

Hannah is an environmental engineer bringing a technical and scientific approach to her viewpoint. She seems less swayed by silly girly issues and she’s highly individualistic, so she’s a good character to shadow.

Unfortunately, life happened in the middle of this story and I left for a few days. When I returned, there were many details I couldn’t quite remember. Reading, I noticed how carefully the author unravelled character motivations and insinuated suspicion and the words felt wasted on me because I couldn’t bring all characters back in focus. Some people argue that reminding readers drags down the story, but it can be done subtly and more reminders would have been handy for me. Since THROUGH THE DARK SPACES is published by the author, perhaps we could return to a custom of the Golden Age and have a Cast of Characters. Had there been one with just a few reminders, my restart reading wouldn’t have been wasted.

Most characters are memorable, some unique; some so fascinating, I’d like to revisit them. There’s dry humour and a bit of sweetness, but mostly THROUGH THE DARK SPACES is an exciting, captivating read.

By Karen E. Hall
© 2012
Karen Hall Books