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SLEEPING DOG by Dick Lochte

By Theresa de Valence - Posted on 19 August 2013

I think dogfighting is so barbaric that I nearly quit reading SLEEPING DOG by Dick Lochte. But, the story was so good it kept me going; instead, the volume of my daily reading reduced drastically.

There’s a very old-fashioned feel to the story—I kept expecting Humphrey Bogart to appear. The good guys are repeatedly attacked and beaten up, for what seems like slight reason. And there are plenty of horrible deaths.

Not my kind of story, you would say.

The ingeniousness of SLEEPING DOG comes from the two point-of-view characters: one, a world-weary, hard-boiled private investigator and the other, a precocious, strong-willed, fourteen-year-old. The P.I. writes spare text with an awareness of human depravity, while in alternating chapters—without ever telling the same story twice—the young Miss provides a fuller emotional explanation of events, only slightly twisted by her unique attitude.

At the end of the book Dick Lochte writes about the numerous awards the story has received and it’s obvious to me they’re well deserved. The original story was written in 1985 and Lochte made some small modifications to the ebook version. I think the book would have been better had he added a Cast of Characters (I think most books would be better for one). As it was I had to go back to reread large sections of the book to search for a character’s prior deeds.

If you haven’t read SLEEPING DOG by Dick Lochte, I suggest you dash out, grab the book and put it on the top of the reading pile.

by Dick Lochte
© 1985
Republished by Laughing Dog Enterprises on February 3, 2013

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