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By Theresa de Valence - Posted on 08 April 2015

GROUP MEMBERSHIP is restricted to real people with real names, possibly real photos. If you feel you've been blocked in error, or otherwise handled unfairly, please send a message to a moderator.

PLEASE MAKE YOUR POSTS ENGAGE FORUM READERS: In other words, if you were to read your post from a stranger, would you be interested? To be relevant, this forum must be more than a yellow-pages list of links which direct members elsewhere. When you create a new Discussion about a blog post, also tell us briefly what’s in that blog post and why we might want to go read it. When posting about books and sites, please provide the complete url address, i.e. include the “http://” (without the quotes). Our members live all over the world, so please provide multiple, international links to your books.

CONTENT: All topics related to crime fiction are fine. We can discuss ebooks and ebook readers, the difficulties of constructing a manuscript and the trials of publishing, author signings and crime workshops . . . but, please, try to keep discussions related to crime or mystery fiction.

There is no limit on the number of new Discussions of general interest which a member may post, although someone's pet issues may fall under the banner of BSP. (See caveat about BSP below).

OFF TOPIC (OT) discussions from frequent contributors to the group are fine on occasion, but should not dominate the discussions. OT discussions are deleted at the discretion of Crime Fiction Management. If you believe your post was deleted unfairly, please write to the Moderators.

SELF-PROMOTION: Author or Book BSP (Blatant Self-Promotion) is good—we WANT to hear about new books to read, though we ask that you observe the following general rules:

DO NOT POST ABOUT YOURSELF, YOUR BOOKS OR YOUR PET ISSUES MORE THAN ONCE WEEKLY. Posting once weekly is often enough that regular readers of the group can be reminded of your existence. This rule is good for blogs about one's books, reviews of one's books, and the places in the world where one's books have landed on popularity charts. Posting once weekly puts a reminder in every post for those who get their updates weekly. If you need to remind the readership about an upcoming special for your book(s), please Comment on your existing Discussion (rather than starting a new Discussion).

The once-weekly rule does not apply to landing a contract, a new publication date, the FIRST review of a new book, etc. as these are monumental events our readership would like to know about as soon as they occur. I also feel the once-weekly rule can be relaxed for the first book of an author, though it won't be relaxed for very long.

HI-JACKING ANOTHER THREAD: On preexisting threads, in some places, it's OK to mention your own books. It is the height of tackiness to hijack (jump into) someone else's promotional thread to introduce your own books. You ought to have sense enough to start your own discussion to laud your own books. Recklessly jumping on others' threads to promote your own books will get your status changed to "Requires Moderation" which means that your posts will end up the moderation queue and be approved, if at all, whenever some moderator can get around to it. LinkedIn has a policy that if some moderator somewhere puts you into a moderation queue, then LinkedIn will put you into a moderation queue for ALL of your groups. It's called LinkedIn's Policy for Sitewide Auto Moderation in Groups . I've been told that it's very difficult to clean up. Be forewarned, this is very bad news for you.

NOTE: Civilized behaviour is required.

ILLEGAL TOPICS: religion, politics.

PLEASE DO NOT CONNECT OTHER MEDIA TO CRIME FICTION. When you post to Twitter, etc., we do NOT want mirror posts to Crime Fiction group. We are not a billboard, we are a discussion group.

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