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Requested Format for Best of Year Booklists on DorothyL-old

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By Theresa de Valence - Posted on 13 December 2009

For each story, please provide the following (on one line separated by commas or spaces only please):

Author Last Name, Author First Name, Title, Copyright Year

(i.e. AuthorLastName COMMA AuthorFirstName COMMA Title COMMA CopyrightYear).
That's copyright year, NOT publication year. If you’re not sure of the copyright year, just omit it; we'll add it later.

Please try and post your booklist to DorothyL in this format, it makes MUCH, MUCH less work for the volunteers. Click here for why we ask for a special format for posting Booklists.

Here’s what we would like you to include:

  • Books which you really enjoyed (for the first time) in 2009, though the story need not necessarily be published in 2009.
  • Any quantity of titles. It doesn’t make any more work for us and here’s why I think an unlimited quantity of Books is a good idea.
  • If you are an author, you may include one of your own titles regardless of the copyright date. Otherwise if you include more than one of your own titles, we shall delete all but one, and the choice of which one is ours. If you have had multiple stories published this year, you may include all stories copyright 2009. If you are an author submitting Best Of 2009 titles, *please include at least one title in addition to the titles for which you are the author.* In other words, if you want to list 3 of your own titles copyright 2009, please include 3 titles by someone else as well.

Please do not:

  • Start the line with numbers
  • Enclose anything between parentheses
  • Add dashes
  • Add an extra line between Best of Year books
  • All these just add more work for us to remove.

However, we will accept your post in any format.

When you have compiled your Best Of Year Booklist, publish to DorothyL.

Thank you.

See the other issues about posting Memorable Books: