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Kudos to our 2010 Volunteers

By Theresa de Valence - Posted on 05 February 2011

Let me take a moment to discuss the hardworking volunteers who brought the Best of 2010 from DorothyL to you.

May I suggest that you send a book to a volunteer? New, used or electronic books are acceptable. You need only send one book--you may know that Bests processing was done in a round robin fashion; therefore, if you let me know you plan to send a book, I’ll send you the name of the next person in queue to receive one. The queue will be weighted towards the people who did the most work (For obvious reasons, I have to recuse myself from this queue). Note that three of our volunteers are authors, so you may want to purchase one of their books: Pat Brown (, Jess Mike Orenduff ( and Neil Plakcy ( Note also that some volunteers are Canadian requiring international postage, but deserving nonetheless.

Here's our list of 2010 Volunteers.