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RACING THE DEVIL by E. Michael (Jaden) Terrell

By Theresa de Valence - Posted on 13 September 2009

RACING THE DEVIL, by E. Michael (Jaden) Terrell, is a compelling story you know you’d like to slow down and savour; but there’s no time—you must read on. Forget laundry and gardening, once you begin the story, your afternoon is done for.

An ex-Nashville cop turned detective, Jared McKean, the protagonist, is many things we’d like to be vicariously: noble, chivalrous, attractive, and sexually conscious in a (mostly) subtle, provocative way. Written in first person, we hear his thoughts, unspoken wishes and reactions. This is the real stunner in RACING THE DEVIL: Jared’s voice. He has an attractive humility, with touches of (possibly) self-deprecating humour—the kind of voice which I associate with the best books I have read.

One caution: don’t read the synopsis on the back of the book. Much too much information. Much better to be surprised with the plot as it unfolds—which is nicely intricate. RACING THE DEVIL is all the more startling by discovering that this is author Terrell’s first published novel.

Days later, Jared is still with me. An excellent adventure.

By E. Michael (Jaden) Terrell © 2009
Published by Night Shadows Press, Tuscon, AZ (