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By Theresa de Valence - Posted on 10 February 2012

From December through mid-January, readers of DorothyL listserv posted their favourite books read (for the first time) during 2012 to the DorothyL list.

Our volunteer Allocator read all DL posts and forwarded relevant emails to our volunteer processors (fondly known as Indefatigable Sharpies), each of whom copied, cleaned and pasted data from those emails into an Excel spreadsheet which they then forwarded to me. I did some more data cleansing, and then sent out a cry to the list for volunteers to verify submitted data (copyright dates and titles of books).

A great deal of the research was done using Stop You're Killing Me (an exceptional resource for mystery buffs), Fantastic Fiction, WorldCat library catalogue, Wikipedia and other online sites.

Except for my part, the lion's share of the work was done by Nicola Davis (first year as Allocator), Patty Andersen (fourth year as Indefatigable Sharpie), Dave Bennett (fourth year as IS), Laurie Brown (first year as IS and she did double duty), Silvia Hoisie (fourth year as IS), Bonnie Riley (fourth year as IS), and Penny Tuttle (third year as IS). Our volunteer copyright checkers were Patty Andersen, Patricia Beuerlein, Lynn Demsky, Kay Lancaster, and Jonathan Quist. If you think they did a good job, send one person one book. It could be a book which you really enjoyed reading, a new book, or one of your own books.

From the final data, I created pivot tables which produced the following information.