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By Theresa de Valence - Posted on 23 December 2012

Knowing that any novel’s premise is contrived doesn’t stop my feeling that many stories lately involve rickety staircases of logic just to read them.

Peg Herring’s KILLING SILENCE was a delightful departure; in the first few pages, I felt that pleasurable anticipation when you’ve just become enmeshed in a story you know you’re going to love. Yet from the subtitle, you might not think so; these books are called The Loser Mysteries. My aged mother-in-law looked at the cover and said she wouldn’t like to read that book; I’m going to have to tell her that she’ll enjoy it very much.

Loser, the unnamed protagonist, is in touch with the most basic necessities of life. The story she tells is immediate and direct. We learn she’s got some trauma in her life, but it takes a while for the whole story to come out. The story is beautifully told—little dropped crumbs which pique our interest until bam! there was no way I was putting the book down for anything short of disaster.

Trouble befalls other people and Loser is put in the uncomfortable position of wanting to help them. It’s a difficult task and we’ve met her support group—other losers. But, Loser is game to try. There’s a little girl in the story who will just tug your heartstrings.

KILLING SILENCE is a wonderful, comfortable, well-told tale.

by Peg Herring
© 2012
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