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Issues To Consider When You Self Publish

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By Theresa de Valence - Posted on 10 April 2016

This is part of the series Lively Discussions on Crime Fiction. Since LinkedIn’s group search capabilities have diminished, we’ve provided this summary.

Of the many tasks before your book is published, here are a few relevant discussions for self-publishers.

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How To Self Publish
Retail Price
Theft and Scammers
Audio Book Publishing
Book Distribution

How To Self Publish

Some thoughts about preparing to publish.

How much will it cost to self-publish?
(Elliot Roazen)

For those who are self-published, do you print physical copies of your books? (Theresa de Valence)

I have heard that a lot of authors are using Create Space and I am considering it, however, I would like to offer my book in Nook as well as Kindle. Is this possible? (Lily Myers)

Great article that'll save you lots of tears later. Manuscript to Ebook: A Cleaning Guide (Kevin Robinson)


Cover design and book editing——why they matter! (Steven Miscandlon)

Can a cover sell a Novel? (JL Gregor)

Are you judged by your book cover? (Tara Sparling)

Designing your book's cover (Will Jackson)

How important, do you think, is typography in book cover design? (Tara Sparling)

Which ebook cover works best? (Robert Blechman)


Many people cross genres in their writing, but selecting the right ones is important.

Mystery? Crime Fiction? Procedural? What genre is it? (Alan March)

Retail Price

Although it’s difficult to find an audience with a self-published book, price can be a liberating factor.

What's the perfect price for a Kindle book? (JL Gregor)

What should the Price Point Difference be between E-books and Paperbacks? (Sandy Penny)

My new book is 235 pages in print and I am ready to load it to amazon. What should I price it at? (Jeanne Martinson)

How do you decide what you will sell your book for (and why)? (Kathy Golden)


Oh the pain of ISBN. Finally found a free place to change your number into a bar code! (Includes some talk about copyright) (Jeanne Martinson)

Theft And Scammers

The internet is a dangerous place.

An audacious act of plagiarism (Lindsey Russell)

E-book woes. Look who's selling my ebook…or giving it away. (Mary Ann Unger)

Audio Book Publishing

Audio books are becoming very popular.

What about authors who want to record their book in their home? (John Mahoney)

Authors, consider audiobooks! (Susan Keefe)

Let’s talk Audiobooks... how to produce rather than reading (Robert Jacobs)

How do you go about finding a reliable audio producer? (John Mahoney)

Book Distribution

KDP Select: It’s a split between those who love it and those who don't, here are the reasons I'm opting out for my new release. (Sandy Appleyard)

Love to hear your experiences with Kindle Countdown Deals (Stephen Hazlett)

Using the Kindle Scout Program (Jim Jackson)

So, what's your experience so far with Kindle Scout? Carol Verberg)

Are you confused about who to use for your print distribution? This might help you clear it up. Part I and Part II (Jim Giammatteo)


Let’s not forget getting paid!

Any difficulty getting paid by Amazon? (Roger Price)

The answer is: The Author Can Never Be Sure That They Have Been Paid All Royalty Money Due Them (Anna Flowers Brotemarkle)