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Getting The Book Ready For Publication

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By Theresa de Valence - Posted on 20 September 2015

This is part of the series Lively Discussions on Crime Fiction. Since LinkedIn’s group search capabilities have diminished, we’ve provided this summary.

There are many tasks before your book is published and here are a few relevant discussions.

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Critique Groups
Looking for a publisher or an agent
Publishers - Self - Should You?
Publishers - Questionable
Publishing Ideas


Editing is an important milestone.

Are you your own best editor? (Lynne Kennedy)

Editing your own work is a miserable process. ((JL Gregor)

Know your grammar and punctuation! (Mary Feliz)

Question about editing (Nanci Pattenden)

You've sent your manuscript, along with a check, to a respected editor. Her critique advises you to undertake a major revision which will require months to complete. Do you take her advice? (Stephen Solomita)

Can you add to this list of editing tasks? (Richard Wren)

When reading a book what mistakes really bug you? (Mark Roope)

What words do you use too much? (JL Gregor)

The changing role of editors (Elliot Roazen)

6 Common Writing Mistakes by First-Time Authors (by Lourdes Venard, posted by Elliot Roazen)

Important stuff to put into your story.( My own personal soapbox). (Theresa de Valence)

Critique Groups

Critique Groups are a good way to accomplish part of the work of an editor.

Know where to find a good critique group? Theresa de Valence

Looking for a publisher or an agent

Looking for a publisher or an agent is the traditional channel, but very difficult.

Do you know about Writer Beware? (Rebecca Dahlke)

How long did you wait for publication, from contract to on-the-shelf print book? (Pat McCord)

Advice for getting an agent? (Michael Field)

Anyone have a list of agents who deal with Crime Fiction? (Jeffrey Crimmel)

Are there any literary agents who consider themselves experts in this genre? There seems to be a surfeit of MFA's, with no "street creds", guarding the publishing gates. Thoughts? (Sal Perricone)

How do you deal with rejection letters (Lisa Towles)

Reasons for rejection (Joyleen Seymour)

Are you a published author who has gone Indie? What went into your decision? (Pat McCord)

Understanding your contracts (Gamal Hennessy)

Publishers - Self - Should You?

Lots of issues to consider.

Preparing for self publishing . . . are you ready for that (Alice de Sturler)

If you're going to self-pub, who would you use? (SR Perricone)

Publishers - Questionable

Some publishers should cause you plenty of worry.

So I have been offered a contract by a publisher ... (Dick Gillman)

Paradon Publishing--An Expose (Linton Robinson)

I'm about to give up! Xlibris sent me 50 promo codes to download a free copy . . . and I can't seem to give them away! What am I doing wrong? (George Hopkins)

Do you know about Writer Beware? (Rebecca Dahlke)

Creative Publishing Ideas

Here are some things to think about.

Create a boxed set of (mixed authors’) stories (Rebecca Dahlke)

This affects those of us striving to be legitimate writers who treat our readers fairly (Sue Grant Lewallen)

Are serialized podcasts the future of books? (Gamal Hennessy)

Double novels and two-for-one deals.
(Larry Constantine)