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By Theresa de Valence - Posted on 08 October 2013

Ultimately DIARY OF A SMALL FISH by Pete Morin is a love story. And a crime story, but not my usual fare. I rarely read legal fiction and almost never read American political thrillers; usually I find the machinations boring. Not so with DIARY OF A SMALL FISH—I was riveted, finding the action smack in the middle of a slippery slope where seemingly innocent behaviour can become criminalized just because someone intimates it so. And worse, where highly criminal behaviour is the order of the day—where no one goes after the big fish.

In my salad days, I was captivated by the far flung, drawn out intricacies of the mating dance. I would have enjoyed sidling up to protagonist Paul Forté and joining him on a barstool. I hugely enjoyed embodying his new seductress, watching his clumsy attempts at self-revelatory honesty and its aftermath.

Once I began DIARY OF A SMALL FISH, I found very little as interesting as reading the book. For those who like to savour their characters word-by-word (instead of an aha! moment one or more pages later), join me in suggesting to the author that he add a Cast of Characters to the book. It’s too late for the paperback, but not the ebook. If I had had anything of import in my life while reading this story, I might have gotten lost; I didn’t and I didn’t—but it’s too much to ask a reader to arrange. A nod to Pete’s ebook design skills which got the hyperlinked chapter headings down to one page.

A special commendation belongs to Pete for adding that lovely graphic in the chapter header. Every time I saw it I smiled at the simplicity of the design and how well it reminded me of the title of DIARY OF A SMALL FISH and how it kept me focused on the story.

DIARY OF A SMALL FISH is an absorbing and satisfying read.

by Pete Morin
© 2011

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As Pete Morin and I have shared a few networking groups for a few years, I have watched his comments with increasing interest. One day I was sufficiently motivated by something he wrote in Crime Fiction group to investigate how he wrote fiction and purchased DIARY OF A SMALL FISH. In a general way Amazon asks paying customers for reviews but I was not asked for a review by anyone for DIARY OF A SMALL FISH. The story was not at all like I expected, but nonetheless wholly absorbing. Quite some time later arose an opportunity to re-edit Pete’s story, which was fortunate for me, because I’m picky enough to only edit stories I like. Most fortunate for me, Pete selected my services from amongst his choices.