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2010 Popularity by Title - Best of DorothyL

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By Theresa de Valence - Posted on 05 February 2011

DorothyL members posted the best of books read for the first time in 2010. There were 921 unique titles listed. The count represents the number of times each author's books were cited:

Title and AuthorCount
The Scent of Rain and Lightning - Pickard, Nancy23
Bury Your Dead - Penny, Louise16
Faithful Place - French, Tana16
The Girl Who Kicked the Hornet’s Nest - Larsson, Stieg15
The First Rule - Crais, Robert13
The God of the Hive - King, Laurie R.13
The Mapping of Love and Death - Winspear, Jacqueline12
The Weed That Strings the Hangman's Bag - Bradley, Alan12
I'd Know You Anywhere (a.p.a. Don't Look Back) - Lippman, Laura10
Rolling Thunder - Grabenstein, Chris10
The Hanging Tree - Gruley, Bryan9
Vermillion Drift - Krueger, William Kent9
Christmas Mourning - Maron, Margaret8
Junkyard Dogs - Johnson, Craig8
Shoot to Thrill - Tracy, P.J.8
The Queen of Patpong - Hallinan, Timothy8
The Reversal - Connelly, Michael8
A Murderous Procession - Franklin, Ariana7
Bad Boy - Robinson, Peter7
Caught - Coben, Harlan7
On the Line - Rozan, S.J.7
The Crossing Places - Griffiths, Elly7
The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo - Larsson, Stieg7
The Lock Artist - Hamilton, Steve7
U is for Undertow - Grafton, Sue7
61 Hours - Child, Lee6
A Nail Through the Heart - Hallinan, Timothy6
Blood Harvest - Bolton, S.J.6
Broken Places - Parshall, Sandra6
City of Dragons - Stanley, Kelli6
Love Songs From a Shallow Grave - Cotterill, Colin6
Necessary As Blood - Crombie, Deborah6
Paganini's Ghost - Adam, Paul6
The Day of Small Things - Lane, Vicki6
The Girl Who Played with Fire - Larsson, Stieg6
The Last Child - Hart, John6
Worth Dying For - Child, Lee6
An Impartial Witness - Todd, Charles5
Bryant & May Off The Rails - Fowler, Christopher5
Crashed - Hallinan, Timothy5
False mermaid - Hart, Erin5
Outwitting Trolls - Tapply, William G 5
Strangers - Evans, Mary Anna5
The Brutal Telling - Penny, Louise5
The End Game - Finger, Gerrie Ferris5
The Man From Beijing (orig: 2007) - Mankell, Henning5
The Red Door - Todd, Charles5
The Sex Club - Sellers, L.J.5
The Shadows in the Street - Hill, Susan5
This Body of Death - George, Elizabeth5
A Very Private Grave - Crow, Donna Fletcher4
Absinthe of Malice - Browning, Pat4
Blue Lightning - Cleeves, Ann4
Breathing Water - Hallinan, Timothy4
Bruno, Chief of Police - Walker, Martin4
City of Lost Girls - Hughes, Declan4
Collusion - Neville, Stuart4
Crooked Letter, Crooked Letter - Franklin, Tom4
Cryoburn - Bujold, Lois McMaster4
Fever of the Bone - McDermid, Val4
Midnight Fugue - Hill, Reginald4
Murder in the Air - Crider, Bill4
Never Look Away - Barclay, Linwood4
Night of the Living Deed - Cooperman, E.J.4
Rag and Bone - Benn, James R.4
Set The Night On Fire - Hellmann, Libby Fischer4
Starvation Lake - Gruley, Bryan4
Still Missing - Stevens, Chevy4
Stork Raving Mad - Andrews, Donna4
The Ghosts of Belfast - Neville, Stuart4
The Sweetness at the Bottom of the Pie - Bradley, Alan4
Thereby Hangs a Tail - Quinn, Spencer4
A Bad Day for Pretty - Littlefield, Sophie3
A Deadly Row - Mayes, Casey3
A Night of Long Knives - Cantrell, Rebecca3
A Question of Belief - Leon, Donna3
A Wrongful Death - Wilhelm, Kate3
Billy Boyle: A World War II mystery - Benn, James R.3
Changes - Butcher, Jim3
City of Veils - Ferraris, Zoe3
Dead Like You - James, Peter3
Desert Lost - Webb, Betty3
Divine Justice - Baldacci, David3
Dog Tags - Rosenfelt, David3
Dreaming of the Bones - Crombie, Deborah3
Drive Time - Ryan, Hank Phillippi3
Eggsecutive Orders - Hyzy, Julie3
Faces of the Gone - Parks, Brad3
Fever Dream - Preston & Child, Douglas & Lincoln3
Forbidden Fruit - Greenwood, Kerry3
Gunshot Road - Hyland, Adrian3
Hell Gate - Fairstein, Linda3
Hypothermia - Indridason, Arnaldur3
Ice Cold - Gerritsen, Tess3
Invisible Boy - Read, Cornelia3
Liar, Liar - Larsen, K.J.3
Major Pettigrew's Last Stand - Simonson, Helen3
Moonlight Mile - Lehane, Dennis3
Nine Dragons - Connelly, Michael3
No Mercy - Armstrong, Lori3
Old Dogs - Moore, Donna3
Portobello - Rendell, Ruth3
Prime Time - Ryan, Hank Phillippi3
She Felt No Pain - Allin, Lou3
Shooters and Chasers - Kleinfeld, Lenny3
So Cold the River - Koryta, Michael3
Stalking Susan - Kramer, Julie3
Talking About Detective Fiction - James, P.D.3
The Cold Dish - Johnson, Craig3
The Dead Detective - Heffernan, William3
The Dead of Winter - Airth, Rennie3
The Glass Rainbow - Burke, James Lee3
The Old Buzzard Had It Coming - Casey, Donis3
The Paramour's Daughter - Hornsby, Wendy3
The Parisian Prodigal - Gordon, Alan3
The Serpent's Tale - Franklin, Ariana3
To Say Nothing of the Dog - Willis, Connie3
A bad day for sorry - Littlefield, Sophie2
A Beautiful Place to Die - Nunn, Malla2
A Carrion Death - Stanley, Michael2
A Darker Domain - McDermid, Val2
A Killer Crop - Connolly, Sheila2
A Killer Plot - Adams, Ellery2
A Load of Old Bones - Hill, Suzette A2
A Lonely Death - Todd, Charles2
A Night Too Dark - Stabenow, Dana2
A Presumption of Death - Walsh, Jill Paton2
A Rule Against Murder - Penny, Louise2
A Stranger in Mayfair - Finch, Charles2
A Trace of Smoke - Cantrell, Rebecca2
Absolution - Ramsay, Caro2
Accidents Waiting to Happen - Wood, Simon2
Air Time - Ryan, Hank Phillippi2
An April Shroud - Hill, Reginald2
An Axe to Grind - Meredith, F. M.2
Arcadia Falls - Goodman, Carol2
Assassins of Athens - Siger, Jeffrey2
Beat the Reaper - Bazell, Josh2
Black and White and Dead All Over - Darnton, John2
Blood Moon - Disher, Garry2
Body Work - Paretsky, Sara2
Book of Shadows - Sokoloff, Alexandra2
Borderlands - McGilloway, Brian2
Caper - Hall, Parnell2
Children in the Morning - Emery, Anne2
Corpse on the Cob - Jaffarian, Sue Ann2
Curse of the Pogo Stick - Cotterill, Colin2
Dead and Buried - Hambly, Barbara2
Dead Man's Chest - Greenwood, Kerry2
Death at the Alma Mater - Malliet, G.M.2
Death Watch - Kelly, Jim2
Dog On It - Quinn, Spencer2
Fantasy in Death - Robb, J.D.2
Fatal Lies - Tallis, Frank2
Final Jeopardy - Fairstein, Linda2
Finding Nouf - Ferraris, Zoe2
From the Dead - Billingham, Mark2
Full Dark House - Fowler, Christopher2
Fundraising the Dead - Connolly, Sheila2
Gallows Lane - McGilloway, Brian2
Get Real - Westlake, Donald2
Gone Tomorrow - Child, Lee2
Grave Goods - Franklin, Ariana2
Haunt Me Still - Carrell, Jennifer Lee2
Heartshot - Havill, Steven F.2
Heaven's Keep - Krueger, William Kent2
Her Royal Spyness - Bowen, Rhys2
High Spirits - Duncan, Alice2
Honestly Dearest, You're Dead - Fredrickson, Jack2
House Rules - Picoult, Jodi2
In the Name of Honor - Patterson, Richard North2
In the Shadow of Gotham - Pintoff, Stefanie2
In the Shadow of the Glacier - Delany, Vicki2
IN THE WOODS - French, Tana2
Infamous - Atkins, Ace2
Innocent - Turow, Scott2
Innocent Monster - Coleman, Reed Farrel2
Iron Lake - Krueger, William Kent2
Julius Katz - Zeltserman, Dave2
Killer Instinct - Sharp, Zoe2
Law and Disorder - Maffini, Mary Jane2
LIVE TO TELL - Gardner, Lisa2
Manna from Hades - Dunn, Carola2
Mistress of the Art of Death - Franklin, Ariana2
Mockingjay - Collins, Suzanne2
Mr. Monk is Cleaned Out - Goldberg, Lee2
Mrs. Jeffries and the Yuletide Weddings - Brightwell, Emily2
Murder in the Marais - Black, Cara2
Negative Image - Delany, Vicki2
Nemisis - Davis, Lindsey2
Nowhere to Run - Box, C.J.2
Old Wounds - Lane, Vicki2
One Grave Less - Connor, Beverly2
Our Lady of Immaculate Deception - Martin, Nancy2
Racing the Devil - Terrell, Jaden E.2
Shades of Grey - Fforde, Jasper2
Silver Borne - Briggs, Patricia2
Some Danger Involved - Thomas, Will2
Some Welcome Home - Wildwind, Sharon2
Still Life - Penny, Louise2
Storm Prey - Sandford, John2
Strange Images of Death - Cleverly, Barbara2
Terminated - Wood, Simon2
The Attenbury Emeralds - Walsh, Jill Paton2
The Blood-Dimmed Tide - Airth, Rennie2
The Blue Hackle - Carl, Lillian Stewart2
The Brass Verdict - Connelly, Michael2
The Bricklayer - Boyd, Noah2
The Broken Teaglass - Arsenault, Emily2
The Case of the Missing Servant - Hall, Tarquin2
The Cold Light Of Mourning - Duncan, Elizabeth2
The Coroner's Lunch - Cotterill, Colin2
The Crazy School - Read, Cornelia2
The Divine Sacrifice - Hays, Tony2
The Gates - Connolly, John2
The Hidden - Pronzini, Bill2
The Kills - Fairstein, Linda2
The Koala of Death - Webb, Betty2
The Language of Bees - King, Laurie R.2
The Last Illusion - Bowen, Rhys2
The Last Talk with Lola Faye - Cook, Thomas H.2
The Likeness - French, Tana2
The Long Quiche Goodbye - Aames, Avery2
The Monster in the Box - Rendell, Ruth2
THE NEIGHBOR - Gardner, Lisa2
The Nesting Dolls - Bowen, Gail2
The Rabbit Factory - Karp, Marshall2
The Rainaldi Quartet - Adam, Paul2
The Shanghai Moon - Rozan, S.J.2
The Sherlockian - Moore, Graham2
The Taken - Wolfe, Inger Ash2
The Various Haunts of Men - Hill, Susan2
The Water Room - Fowler, Christopher2
The Whisperers - Connolly, John2
The Winter of Frankie Machine - Winslow, Don2
Through the Cracks - Fister, Barbara2
Thunder Bay - Krueger, William Kent2
To Fetch a Thief - Quinn, Spencer2
Trail of Blood - Black, Lisa2
Trust No One - Hurwitz, Gregg2
Tug of War - Cleverly, Barbara2
Under the Dome - King, Stephen2
Wanna Get Lucky? - Coonts, Deborah2
Willful Behavior - Leon, Donna2
206 Bones - Reichs, Kathy1
212 - Burke, Alafair1
31 Bond Street - Horan, Ellen1
A Beautiful Blue Death - Finch, Charles1
A Beautiful Place to Die - Craig, Philip R1
A Blunt Instrument - Heyer, Georgette1
A Butterfly in Flame - Kilmer, Nicholas1
A Capital Crime - Wilson, Laura 1
A Case of Infatuation - Gager, Wendy1
A Colourful Death - Dunn, Carola1
A Curtain Falls - Pintoff, Stefanie1
A Deadly Paradise - Brophy, Grace1
A Death in Vienna - Tallis, Frank1
A Death to Record - Tope, Rebecca1
A Deeper Sleep - Stabenow, Dana1
A Duty to the Dead - Todd, Charles1
A Faint Cold Fear - Slaughter, Karin1
A False Mirror - Todd, Charles1
A Fatal Grace - Penny, Louise1
A Field of Darkness - Read, Cornelia1
A French Country Murder - Steiner, Peter1
A Ghost in the Machine - Graham, Caroline1
A Guilty Thing Surprised - Rendell, Ruth1
A is for Alibi - Grafton, Sue1
A King of Infinite Space - Dilts, Tyler1
A Loyal Character Dancer - Xiaolong, Qiu1
A Marked Man - Hamilton, Barbara1
A Mist of Prophecies - Saylor, Steven1
A Misty Mourning - MacPherson, Rett1
A Murder of Crows - Chisholm, P.F.1
A Murderous Procession - Franklin, Arianna1
A Noble Radiance - Leon, Donna1
A Play of Isaac - Frazer, Margaret1
A Play of Piety - Frazer, Margaret (Gail)1
A River in the Sky - Peters, Elizabeth1
A River of Darkness - Airth, Rennie1
A Royal Pain - Bowen, Rhys1
A Rush of Blood - Jardine, Quintin 1
A Small Death in the Great Glen - Scott, A.D.1
A Sporting Murder - Campbell, Chester1
A Touch of dead - Harris, Charlaine1
A Touch of Frost - Wingfield, R.D.1
A Trail of Ink - Starr, Mel1
A Vision of Murder: A Psychic Eye Mystery - Laurie , Victoria 1
Absent Friends - Rozan, S.J.1
All the Pretty Girls - Ellison, J.T.1
All Things Undying - Talley, Marcia1
American Assassin - Flynn, Vince1
American Devil - Stark, Oliver1
Anarchy and Old Dogs - Cotterill, Colin1
Anatomy of Murder - Robertson, Imogen1
Angel with Two Faces - Upson, Nicola1
Angel's Tip - Burke, Alafair1
Anniversary Man, The - Ellory, R.J.1
Arch of Triumph - Remarque, Erich Maria1
Art of Detection - King, Laurie R.1
August Heat - Camilleri, Andrea1
Avenging angels - Stanton, Mary1
Awakening - Bolton, S.J.1
Baby Shark - Fate, Robert1
Baby Shark's Jugglers at the Border - Fate, Robert1
Bad Blood - Fairstein, Linda1
Bad Blood - Sandford, John1
Bad Chili - Lansdale, Joe R.1
Bad Things Happen - Dolan, Harry1
Baja Florida - Morris, Bob1
BAKED - Haskell Smith, Mark1
Baking Cakes in Kigali - Parkin, Gaile1
Barrington Street Blues - Emery, Anne1
Beaumont Blues - Fate, Robert1
Beautiful Lie the Dead - Frankin, Barbara1
Bedeviled Eggs - Childs, Laura1
Bellfield hall - Dean, Anna1
Beneath the Bleeding - McDermid, Val1
Beyond Reach - Hurley, Graham1
Big City, Bad Blood - Chercover, Sean1
Birdman        - Hayder, Mo1
Birth of Blue Satan - Wynn, Patricia1
Bitter End - Kling, Christine1
Black Beans And Vice - Stanley, J.B.1
Black Friday - Kava, Alex1
Black Rain - Brown, Graham1
Bleeding Kansas - Paretsky, Sara1
Blindsighted - Slaughter, Karin1
Blood - Stanford , John Bad 1
Blood Atonement - Waddell, Dan1
Blood Hollow - Krueger, William Kent1
BLOOD MAIDENS - Hambly, Barbara1
Blood Promise (4) - Mead, Richelle1
Blood Will Tell - Bosco, Joe1
Bloodroot - Greene, Amy1
Bloody Twist - Garcia-Aguilera, Carolina1
Body in the Gallery - Page, Katherine Hall1
Bolt Action - Charters, Charles1
Bone Hunter - Andrews, Sarah1
Bones - Kellerman, Jonathan1
Bones to Ashes - Reichs, Kathy1
Borderline - Barr, Nevada1
Borkman's Point [orig: 1994] - Nesser, Hakan1
Boulevard - Schwartz, Stephen Jay1
Brewski for the Old Man, A - Smallman, Phyllis1
Bright Hair About the Bone - Cleverly, Barbara1
Broken - Slaughter, Karin1
Broken - Slaughter, Karin1
Brushed with Death - Lind, Hailey1
Buffalo Bill’s Defunct - Simonson, Sheila1
Bunker - Schenkel, Andrea Maria 1
Buried Caesars - Kaminsky, Stuart M.1
Burn - Barr, Nevada1
Burn Out - Muller, Marcia1
By Death Divided - Hall, Patricia1
Cambridge Blue - Bruce, Alison1
Camp Soul - Koch, Margaret1
Cape Greed - Cole, Sam1
Case Histories - Atkinson, Kate1
Cat Coming Home - Murphy, Shirley Rousseau1
Cat Striking Back - Murphy, Shirley Rousseau1
Cecelian Vespers - Emery, Anne1
Cemetery Lake - Cleave, Paul1
Chalk Circle Man - Vargas, Fred1
Chapter and Hearse - Barrett, Lorna1
Charlie Chan: the untold story - Huang, Yunte1
Chasing Darkness - Crais, Robert1
China Trade - Rozan, S.J.1
City of Fear - Hewson, David1
City of Shadows - Franklin, Ariana1
Clean Break - McDermid, Val1
Click to Play - Handler, David1
Closet Confidential - Maffini, Mary Jane1
Clutch of Constables - Marsh, Ngaio1
Cold Blood - Kelly, Susan1
Cold Case - Wilhelm, Kate1
Coming Back - Muller, Marcia1
Confession, The - Grisham, John1
CUT, PASTE, KILL - Karp, Marshall1
Daemon - Suarez, Daniel1
Dark Blood - MacBride, Stuart1
Dark of the Moon - Parrish, P.J.1
Dark Road to Darjeeling - Raybourn, Deanna1
Days of the Dead - Hambly, Barbara1
Dead Dancing Women - Buzzelli, Elizabeth1
Dead in the Water - Cole, Meredith1
Dead Men's Dust - Hilton, Matt  1
Dead of the Day - Olson, Karen E.1
Dead on Arrival - Simpson, Dorothy1
Dead or Alive - Clancy, Tom1
Deadly Dues - Kupecek, Linda1
Deadly Gamble - Shelton , Connie 1
Dean of Winter - Airth, Rennie1
Death and Honesty - Riggs, Cynthia1
Death and the Crossed Wires - Berry, Linda1
Death at The Dog - Cannan, Joanna1
Death at the President's Lodging - Innes, Michael1
Death by Cashmere - Goldenbaum, Sally1
Death by Thunder - Sprague, Gretchen1
Death in a White Tie - Marsh, Ngaio1
Death in the Valley of the Shadows - Lake, Deryn1
Death in Vineyard Waters - Craig, Philip R1
Death of a Chancellor - Dickinson, David1
Death of a Lit Chick - Maillet, G. M.1
Death of an Ardent Bibliophile - Gill, Bartholomew 1
Death Qualified - Wilhelm, Kate1
Death Song - McGarrity, Michael1
Death Trap - Gallison, Kate1
Death Will Get You Sober - Zelvin, Elizabeth1
Death Will Help You Leave Him - Zelvin, Elizabeth1
Death without tenure - Dobson, Joanne1
Death's Jest Book - Hill, Reginald1
Deception (a.p.a. Sanctum 2002) - Mina, Denise1
Deeper Than the Dead - Hoag, Tami1
Defense For the Devil - Wilhelm, Kate1
Desperate Measures - Wilhelm, Kate1
Devil at the Crossroads - Etchells , Olive1
Devil's Punchbowl - Iles, Greg1
Dial H for Hitchcock - Kandel, Susan1
Diamond Dust - Lovesey, Peter1
Die laughing - Dunn, Carola1
Die Once - Macdonald, Marianne1
Disordered Minds - Walters, Minette1
Disturbing the Dead - Parshall, Sandra1
Diva Cooks a Goose, The - Davis, Krista1
Do They Know I'm Running? - Corbett, David1
Double Exposure - Lister, Michael1
Drink the Tea - Kaufman, Thomas1
Dying Gasp - Gage, Leighton1
e Squared - Beaumont, Matt1
Echoes of the Dead - Theorin, Johan1
Edge of Midnight - Weir, Charlene1
Element of Doubt - Simpson, Dorothy1
Emperor's Tomb, The - Berry, Steve 1
Empire of Ivory - Novik, Naomi1
Every Bitter Thing - Gage, Leighton1
Everything But the Squeal - Hallinan, Timothy1
Evil for Evil - Benn, James R.1
Exile - Mina, Denise1
Eye of Jade - Liang, Diane Wei1
Fall of a Philanderer - Dunn, Carola1
False Pretenses - Heley, Veronica1
False Sense - Marsh, Ngaio1
False Step - Heley, Veronica1
Farewell, My Lovely - Chandler, Raymond1
Fatal Error - Wilson, F Paul1
Fatal Friday - Gerard, Francis1
Fault Line - Eisler, Barry1
Fell Purpose   - Harrod-Eagle, Cynthia1
Fifty-Seven Heaven - Cruse, Lonnie1
Fifty-Seven Traveling - Cruse, Lonnie1
Final Approach - Brady , Rachel 1
Findings - Evans, Mary Anna1
FINGER LICKIN' FIFTEEN - Evanovich, Janet1
Firepower - Brewer, Steve1
Flight of Aquavit - Bidulka, Anthony1
Flipping Out - Karp, Marshall1
Florida Gothic Stories - Hendricks, Vicki1
Flotsam - Remarque, Erich Maria1
Folly du Jour - Cleverly, Barbara1
Forged - Crum, Laura1
Forty Words for Sorrow - Blunt, Giles1
Fragile - Unger, Lisa1
Fragile Beasts - O'Dell, Tawni1
Frankie's Letter - Gorodn-Smith, Dolores1
Freedom TM - Suarez, Daniel1
Freeze frame - May, Peter1
Frost at Christmas - Wingfield, R.D.1
Frostbite (2) - Mead, Richelle1
Galveston - Pizzolatto, Nic1
Game of Patience - Alleyn, Susanne1
Game Over - Harold-Eagles, Cynthia1
Ghost Country - Lee, Patrick1
Ghouls Gone Wild: A Ghost Hunter Mystery - Laurie , Victoria 1
Gold Fever - Delany, Vicki1
Gone 'Til November - Stroby, Wallace1
Good Blood - Elkins, Aaron1
Grace under Pressure - Hyzy, Julie1
GRAVE SECRET - Harris, Charlaine1
Greedy Bones - Haines, Carolyn1
Guns and Roses - Cannon, Taffy1
Hail to the Chef - Hyzy, Julie1
Hailey's War - Compton, Jodi1
Half-Price Homicide - Viets , Elaine 1
Hardball - Paretsky, Sara1
Harmony in Flesh and Black - Kilmer, Nicholas1
He Shall Thunder in the Sky - Peters, Elizabeth1
Heartsick - Cain, Chelsea1
Heat Wave - Castle, Richard1
Heaven's Prisoner - Burke, James Lee1
Hell Hole - Grabenstein, Chris1
Hellhound on his Trail - Sides, Hampton1
Hello Kitty Must Die - Choi, Angela S1
Hell's Corner - Baldacci, David1
Hemlock Lake - Rose, Carolyn J.1
Heresy - Parris, S.J.1
Hide - Gardner, Lisa1
Homer's Odyssey - Cooper, Gwen1
Hornswoggled - Casey, Donis1
Huge - Fuerst, James W.1
Hypothermia - Arnaldur, Indridason1
Ice - Howard, Linda1
If Books Could Kill - Carlisle, Kate1
If Trouble Don’t Kill Me - Berrier, Ralph1
If Walls Could Talk - Blackwell, Juliet1
In A Dry Season - Robinson, Peter1
In Like Flynn - Bowen, Rhys1
In the Mean Time - Tremblay, Paul1
Indelible - Slaughter, Karin1
Inside Out - Eisler, Barry1
Iron River - Parker, T. Jefferson1
Jester Leaps In - Gordon, Alan1
Joey's Case - Constantine, K C1
Judas Child - O’Connell, Carol1
Kick Back - McDermid, Val1
Killer Swell - Shelby, Jeff1
Killing Bridezilla - Levine, Laura1
Kind of Blue - Corwin, Miles1
Kindness Goes Unpunished - Johnson, Craig1
King and Joker - Dickinson, Peter1
Kissing Christmas Goodbye - Beaton , M.C. 1
Kitty and the Silver Bullet - Vaughn, Carrie1
L. A. Heat - Brown, P.A.1
Lake of Sorrows - Hart, Erin1
Lamb to the Slaughter - Templeton, Aline1
Lament: The Faerie Queen's deception - Stiefvater, Maggie1
Last Spymaster, The - Lynds, Gayle1
Layover in Dubai - Fesperman, Dan1
Letter from Home - Hart , Carolyn 1
Life Blood - Cooper, N. J. 1
Life Sentences - Lippman, Laura1
Little Lamb Lost - Fenton , Margaret 1
Locked In - Muller, Marcia1
Long Shot - Francis, Dick1
Long Time Coming - Goddard , Robert 1
LONG TIME DEAD - Black, Tony1
Lord Peter - Sayers, Dorothy1
LOST IN JUAREZ - Lindsay, Douglas1
Lost Light - Connelly, Michael1
Lucy - Gonzales, Laurence1
Mad Mouse - Grabenstein, Chris1
Madonna of the Apes - Kilmer, Nicholas1
Maid of murder - Flower, Amanda1
Maids of Misfortune: A Victorian San Francisco Mystery - Locke, M. Louisa1
Man in the Woods - Spencer, Scott1
Mandarin Plaid - Rozan, S.J.1
Manner of Death - White, Stephen1
Mary Jane's grave - Dittrich, Stacy1
Mayhem in Miniature: A Miniature Mystery - Grace, Margaret1
Memory - Bujold, Lois McMaster1
Mighty Old Bones - Saums, Mary1
Mind Scrambler - Grabenstein, Chris1
Mind's Eye - Nesser, Hakan1
Mirror Image - Palumbo, Dennis1
Miss Dimple Disappears - Ballard, Mignon1
Missing Mark - Kramer, Julie1
Missing, presumed dead - Wildwind, Sharon1
Moment of Truth - Scottoline, Lisa1
Monster in Miniature - Grace, Margaret1
Mourn the Living - Perez, Henry1
Mrs. Jeffries in the Nick of Time - Brightwell, Emily1
Murder for Greenhorns - Kresge, Robert1
Murder in the Abstract - Shea, Susan C.1
Murder in the Palais Royal - Black, Cara1
MURDER IN VEIN - Jaffarian, Sue Ann1
Murder on Camac - DeMarco , Joseph R. G. 1
Murder on Lexington Avenue - Thompson, Victoria1
Murder on Waverly Place - Thompson, Victoria1
Murder Past Due - James, Miranda1
Music of the Spheres - Redfern, Elizabeth1
My Lady Judge - Harrison, Cora1
Neighborhood Watch - McGovern, Cammie1
Neighbors Are Watching, The - Ginsberg, Debra1
Nemesis - Nesbo, Jo1
Nerve - Francis, Dick1
Never Let Me Go - Ishiguro, Kazuo1
New River Blues - Gunn, Elizabeth1
Night Frost - Wingfield, R.D.1
Night Kill - Littlewood, Ann1
Night Work - Hamilton, Steve1
Ninth Step - Cohen, Gabriel1
No Place to Run - Sawyer, Thomas 1
No Sleep Till Wonderland - Tremblay, Paul1
No Time for Goodbye - Barclay, Linwood1
Obit - Emery, Anne1
Old City Hall - Rotenberg, Robert1
Old Silver - Brookins, Carl1
Omnibus - Bardin, John Franklin 1
On Deadly Ground - Norman, Michael1
One Bad Apple - Connolly, Sheila1
Open Season - Box, C.J.1
Operation Mincemeat: dead man & Nazis - Macintyre, Ben1
Orbit - Nance, John1
Our Kind of Traitor - LeCarre, John1
Out of Season - Havill, Steven F.1
Outlaws - Higgins, George V1
Outsourced - Zeltserman, Dave1
Painted Ladies - Parker, Robert1
Palace of Justice - Alleyn, Susanne1
Pandaemonium - Brookmyre, Chris 1
Paper Butterfly - Liang, Diane Wei1
Pardonable Lies - Winspear, Jacqueline1
Persona Non Grata - Downie, Ruth1
Phantoms - Koontz, Dean1
Photo, Snap, Shot - Slan, Joanna Campbell1
Plain Truth - Picoult, Jodi1
Port City Shakedown - Boyle, Gerry1
Port Mortuary - Cornwell, Patricia1
Power slide - Dunlap, Susan1
Presumed Innocent - Turow, Scott1
Prey on Patmos - Siger, Jeffrey1
Print the Legend - McDonald, Craig1
Providence of Death - Parker, Bronson L.1
Purgatory Ridge - Krueger, William Kent1
Queen of the Flowers - Greenwood, Kerry1
Rain Fall - Eisler, Barry1
Random Violence - Mackenzie, Jassy1
Ratking - Dibdin, Michael1
Raven Black - Cleeves, Ann1
Reality Check - Abrahams, Peter1
Red Knife - Krueger, William Kent1
Red Station - Magson, Adrian 1
Red, Green or Murder - Havill, Steven F.1
Ritual - Hayder, Mo1
Rituals of the Season - Maron, Margaret1
Rogue Island - DeSilva, Bruce1
Rough Country - Sandford, John1
Rough Weather - Parker, Robert1
Rounding the Mark   - Camilleri, Andrea1
Royal Blood - Bowen, Rhys1
Running From the Devil - Freveletti, Jamie1
Ruso and the Disappearing Dancing Girls - Downie, R.S.1
RUT - Phillips, Scott1
SANCTUARY - Bruen, Ken1
Sand Sharks - Maron, Margaret1
Savages - Winslow, Don1
Scenarios - Pronzini, Bill1
Secrets to the Grave - Hoag, Tami1
Seeking Whom He May Devour - Vargas, Fred1
Set The Night On Fire - Fischer, Libby Hellmann1
Shadow Kiss (3) - Mead, Richelle1
Shadow of Betrayal - Battles, Brett1
SHADOWPLAY - Campbell, Karen1
Shanghai Girls - See, Lisa1
Sheer Folly - Dunn, Carola1
Side Jobs - Butcher, Jim1
Sign of the Cross - Emery, Anne1
SILENCE OF THE GRAVE - Indridason, Arnaldur1
Silencer - Hall, James W.1
Silencing Sam - Kramer, Julie 1
Silesian Station - Downing, David1
Sinister Sprinkles - Beck, Jessica1
Six-Mile Creek - Helms, Richard1
SIXTY-ONE NAILS - Shevdon, Mike1
Skeleton Hill - Lovesey, Peter1
Sleight of Hand - Wilhelm, Kate1
Slow Dollar - Maron, Margaret1
Smallbone Deceased - Gilbert, Michael1
Snow Angels - Thompson, James1
Some Buried Caesar - Stout, Rex1
Sorrow wood - Atkins, Raymond1
Sorrow's Anthem - Koryta, Michael1
Soul Murder - Nugent, Andrew1
Soulless - Carriger, Gail1
Spies of the Balkans - Furst, Alan1
Stamped Out - Thayer, Terri1
State of the Onion - Hyzy, Julie1
Stealing with Style - Jenkins, Emyl1
Sticking Place, The - Smith, T.B.1
Still as Death - Taylor, Sarah Stewart1
Still Life - Fielding, Joy1
Still Midnight - Mina, Denise1
Strange Affair - Robinson, Peter1
Strong Poison - Sayers, Dorothy1
Strong Spirits - Duncan, Alice1
Surrender - Malane, Donna1
Swift Justice - DiSilverio, Laura A.H.1
Taken - George, Kathleen1
Tallgrass - Dallas, Sandra1
Taran Wanderer - Alexander, Lloyd1
Tell Me Pretty Maiden - Bowen, Rhys1
Ten Little Herrings - Tyler, L.C. 1
Ten Second Staircase - Fowler, Christopher1
The  White Garden - Barron, Stephanie1
The Alienist - Carr, Caleb1
The Anatomy of Ghosts - Taylor, Andrew 1
The Anteater of Death - Webb, Betty1
The Apostate's Tale - Frazer, Margaret1
The Apprentice - Gerritsen, Tess1
The Architect of Murder - McGregor, Rafe1
The Ark - Morrison, Boyd1
The Armada Boy - Ellis, Kate1
The Art of Racing in the Rain - Stein, Garth1
The Attenbury Emeralds - Paton-Walsh, Jill1
The Bad Quarto - Walsh, Jill Paton1
The Bean Trees - Kingsolver, Barbara1
The Big Steal - Jenkins, Emyl1
The Black Cat - Grimes, Martha1
The Black Cauldron - Alexander, Lloyd1
The Black Obelisk - Remarque, Erich Maria1
The Black Tower - Bayard, Louis1
The Blood Spilt - Larsson, Asa1
The Bone Chamber - Burcell, Robin1
The Book of Air and Shadows - Gruber, Michael1
The Book of Secrets - Harper, Tom1
The Book of Three - Alexander, Lloyd1
The Breach - Lee, Patrick1
The Bride's Kimono - Massey, Sujata1
The Burning Wire - Deaver, Jeffery1
The Case of the Gilded Fly - Crispin, Edmund1
The Case of the Greedy Lawyers - Brookins, Carl1
The Castle of Llyr - Alexander, Lloyd1
The Cereal Murders - Davidson, Diane Mott1
The Chameleon's Shadow - Walters, Minette1
The Charming Quirks of Others - Smith, Alexander McCall1
The Coffin Trail - Edwards, Martin1
The Cold Room - Ellison, J.T.1
The Confessor - Silva, Daniel1
The Crack in the Lens - Hockensmith, Steve1
The Cruelest Month - Penny, Louise1
The Damage Done - Davidson, Hilary1
The Danger Box - Balliett, Blue1
The Dark Horse - Johnson, Craig1
The Dark Horse - Johnson, Craig 1
The Dark Place - Elkins, Aaron1
The Darling Dahlias & The Cucumber Tree - Wittig, Susan Albert1
The Dead Lie Down (orig:The Other Half) - Hannah, Sophie1
The Dead Travel Fast - Raybourn, Deanna1
The Death Instinct - Rubenfeld, Jed1
The Death of a Joyce Scholar - Gill, Bartholomew1
The Defector - Silva, Daniel1
The Demon's Parchment - Westerson, Jeri1
THE DEVIL'S STAIRCASE - Fitzgerald, Helen1
The Devil's Star - Nesbo, Jo1
The Dickens with Love - Lanyon, Josh1
The Double Comfort Safari Club - Smith, Alexander McCall1
The edge - Deaver, Jeffery1
The Empty Mirror - Jones, J. Sydney1
The End of Marking Time - West, C.J.1
The Ever-Running Man - Muller, Marcia1
The Executor - Kellerman, Jesse1
The False Inspector Dew - Lovesey, Peter 1
The Fat Man A Tale of North Pole Noir - Harmon , Ken 1
The Finger's Twist - Lamothe, Lee1
The Floating Girl - Massey, Sujata1
The Foreign Correspondent - Furst, Alan1
The Forgotten Garden - Morton, Kate1
The Fourth Watcher - Hallinan, Timothy1
The Franchise Affair - Tey, Josephine1
The Ghost - Harris, Robert1
The Girl of His Dreams - Leon, Donna1
The God of the Hive - King, Laurie1
The Godfather of Kathmandu - Burdett, John1
The Gray Man - Greaney, Mark1
The Guernsey Literary & Potato Peel Pie Society - Shaffer, Mary Ann1
The Hanging Hill - Grabenstein, Chris1
The Heat of the Moon - Parshall, Sandra1
The Help - Stockett , Kathryn 1
The High King - Alexander, Lloyd1
The Highly Effective Detective Plays the Fool - Yancey, Richard1
The Hippie in the Wall - Fennelly, Tony1
The Huckleberry Murders - McManus, Patrick1
The Hunchback Assignments - Slade, Arthur1
The Hurt Locker - Boal, Mark1
The Immortals - Ellison, J.T.1
The invisible bridge - Orringer, Julie1
The Janus Stone - Griffiths, Elly1
The Jupiter Myth - Davis, Lindsey1
The Kind One - Epperson, Tom1
The King of Lies            - Hart, John1
The Lace Reader - Barry, Brunonia1
The Lady in the Lake - Chandler, Raymond1
The Last Billable Hour - Wolfe, Susan1
The Last Days of Il Duce - Stansberry, Domenic1
The Last Dickens: a novel - Pearl, Matthew1
The Last Enemy - Brophy, Grace1
The Last Kashmiri Rose - Cleverly, Barbara1
The Last Refuge - Knopf, Chris1
The Last Striptease            - Wiley, Michael 1
The Last Temptation - McDermid, Val1
The Leavenworth Case - Green, Anna Katharine1
The Left Handed $ - Estleman, Loren1
The Leisure Seeker - Zadoorian, Michael1
The Library of Shadows - Birkegaard, Mikkel1
The Little Death - Parrish, P.J.1
The Lonely Polygamist - Udall, Brady1
THE LOST SISTER - McLean, Russel1
The Lovers - Connolly, John1
The Mammoth Book of New Sherlock Holmes Adventures - Ashley, Mike, ed.1
The Mamo Murders - Sheridan, Juanita1
The Man on the Balcony - Sjowall & Wahloo, Maj & Per1
The Man Who Died Laughing - Handler, David1
The Mark of the Assassin - Silva, Daniel1
The Marshall and the Murderer - Nabb, Magdalen1
The Marshal's Own Case - Nabb, Magdalen1
The Mermaids Singing - McDermid, Val1
The Merry Misogynist - Cotterill, Colin1
The Murder House - Magnan, Pierre1
The Murder Room: The Heirs of Sherlock Holmes - Capuzzo, Michael1
The Name of the Dead - Rankin, Ian1
The Nearest Exit - Steinhauer, Olen1
The New Year's Eve Murder - Harris, Lee1
The Night Killer - Connor, Beverly1
The Ninth Daughter - Hamilton, Barbara1
The Nobodies Album - Parkhurst, Carolyn1
THE OSSIANS - Johnstone, Doug1
The Other Side of Dark - Smith, Sarah1
The Owls of Gloucester - Marston, Edward1
The Oxford Book of English Detective Stories - Craig, Patricia (ed.)1
The Pallbearers - Cannell, Stephen J.1
The passage - Cronin, Justin1
The Pericles Commission - Corby, Gary1
The Poacher's Son - Doiron, Paul1
The Poacher's Son - Dorion, Paul1
The Postmistress - Blake, Sarah1
The Pot Thief Who Studied Einstein - Orenduff, J. Michael1
The Pot Thief who Studied Ptolemy - Orenduff, J. Michael1
The Pot Thief Who Studied Pythagoras - Orenduff, J. Michael1
The Professional - Parker, Robert1
The Proof is in the Pudding - Wells, Melinda1
The Prostitute's Ball - Cannell, Stephen J.1
The Pure in Heart - Hill, Susan1
The Quincunx - Palliser, Charles 1
THE RED QUEEN - Gregory, Philippa1
The Remains of an Altar - Rickman, Phil1
The Rembrant Affair - Silva, Daniel1
The Risk of Darkness - Hill, Susan1
THE ROAD TO BEDLAM - Shevdon, Mike1
The Rossetti Letter - Phillips, Christi1
The Scarecrow - Connelly, Michael1
The Second Death of Goodluck Tinubu - Stanley, Michael1
The Secret Speech - Smith, Tom Rob 1
The Seige - White, Stephen1
The Sentry - Crais, Robert1
The September Society - Finch, Charles1
The Serpent Pool - Edwards, Martin1
The Seventh Witch - Damsgaard, Shirley1
The Shifting Tide - Perry, Anne1
The Singer's Gun - St.John, Emily1
The Sky Took Him - Casey, Donis1
The Snowman - Nesbo, Jo 1
The Song Dog - McClure, James1
The Summer of the Big Bachi - Hirahara, Naomi1
The Suspect - Wright, L.R.1
The Taking of Libbie - Housewright, David1
THE TALENTED MR. RIPLEY - Highsmith, Patricia1
The Ten-mile Trials - Gunn, Elizabeth1
The Terra-Cotta Dog - Camilleri, Andrea1
The things that keep us here - Buckley, Julia1
The Trail of the Wild Rose - Eglin, Anthony1
The True Confessions of Charlotte Doyle - Avi, 1
The Twelfth Card - Deaver, Jeffery1
The Unbidden Truth - Wilhelm, Kate1
The Uncollected Sherlock Holmes - Doyle, Arthur Conan 1
The Unlikely Spy - Silva, Daniel1
The Valentine's Day Murder - Harris, Lee1
The Verona Cable        - Ghelfi, Brent  1
The Virgin of Small Plains - Pickard, Nancy1
The Vows of Silence - Hill, Susan1
The Watchman - Crais, Robert1
The Water Lily Cross - Eglin, Anthony1
The Weight of Silence - Gudenkauf, Heather1
The Wild Zone - Fielding, Joy1
The Writing Class - Willett, Jincy1
The Wrong Mother - Hannah, Sophie1
The Wyndham Case - Walsh, Jill Paton1
The Year of the Flood - Atwood, Margaret1
There Goes the Bride - Beaton , M.C. 1
Think of a Number - Verdon, John1
Thirty-Three Teeth - Cotterill, Colin1
This Thing of Darkness - Fradkin , Barbara 1
Thomasina - Gallico, Paul1
Thrillers: 100 Must Reads - Morrell, David (et al)1
Ticket to Ride - Gorman, Ed1
Tilt-A-Whirl - Grabenstein, Chris1
Too Close To Home - Barclay, Linwood1
Too Many Crooks Spoil the Broth - Myers, Tamar1
Torn Apart - Gericke, Shane1
Touch-Me-Not - Riggs, Cynthia1
True Confessions - Dunne, John Gregory1
Truly Madly - Webber, Heather 1
Truth - Temple, Peter1
Twenties Girl - Kinsella, Sophie1
Under the Eye of Kali - Oleksiw, Susan1
Unfinished Business - Seranella, Barbara1
Unholy Dying - Barnard, Robert1
V - Pynchon, Thomas 1
Vampire Academy (1) - Mead, Richelle1
Vanished - Finder, Joseph1
Vanishing Point - Muller, Marcia1
Veil of Lies - Westerson, Jeri1
Vengeance Road - Mofina, Rick1
Victory of Eagles - Novik, Naomi1
Vienna Blood - Tallis, Frank1
Vienna Secrets - Tallis, Frank1
Voices - Indridason, Arnaldur1
Wake Up Dead - Smith, Roger1
Wash this Blood Clean from My Hands - Vargas, Fred1
Water Like A Stone - Crombie, Deborah1
What Angels Fear: A Sebastian St. Cyr Mystery - Harris, C.S.1
When Gods Die - Harris, C.S.1
When Will There Be Good News - Atkinson, Kate1
Whisper to the Blood - Stabenow, Dana1
White Nights - Cleeves, Ann1
White Sky Black Ice - Jones, Stan1
Wife of the Gods - Quartey, Kwei1
Wild penance - Ault, Sandi1
Winter Frost - Wingfield, R.D.1
Winter of Secrets - Delany, Vicki1
Winterland - Glynn, Alan1
Winter's Child - Maron, Margaret1
Wolf Hall - Mantel, Hilary1
Writ in stone - Harrison, Cora1
Zora and Me - Bond Simon, Victoria T.R.1