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2009 Authors with Titles - Best of DorothyL

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By Theresa de Valence - Posted on 09 February 2010

Author and TitleCount
Abbott, Megan - Bury Me Deep2
Aird, Catherine - Chapter and Hearse1
Aird, Catherine - Henrietta Who?1
Airth, Rennie - River of Darkness1
Airth, Rennie - The Blood Dimmed Tide1
Airth, Rennie - The Dead of Winter5
Airth, Rennie - The Dead of Winter1
Albert, Susan Wittig - Wormwood 1
Alfieri, Annamaria - City of Silver1
Allan, Barbara - Antiques Flee Market1
Allin, Lou - Murder, Eh?1
Alvtegen, Karin - Missing1
Andrews, Donna - Murder With Peacocks1
Andrews, Donna - No Nest for the Wicket1
Andrews, Donna - Owls Well That Ends Well1
Andrews, Donna - Six Geese A-Slaying1
Andrews, Donna - Swan for the money2
Arruda, Suzanne - Treasure of the Golden Cheetah1
Arsenault, Emily - The Broken Teaglass2
Arsenault, Mark - Loot the Moon1
Atherton, Nancy - Aunt Dimity slays a dragon1
Atkins, Ace - Devil's Garden2
Atkins, Ace - Wicked City1
Atkinson, Kate - Case Histories2
Atkinson, Kate - When Will There Be Good News?9
Atwell, Sarah - Through a Glass Deadly2
Ault, Sandi - Wild Sorrow2
Baldacci, David - Simple Genius1
Baldacci, David - True Blue1
Barnard, Robert - Skeleton in the Grass1
Barnard, Robert - The Graveyard Position1
Barnes, Jonathan - The Domino Men1
Barr, Nevada - 13 1/25
Barr, Nevada - Borderline6
Barr, Nevada - Deep South1
Barr, Nevada - Flashback1
Barr, Nevada - Hunting Season1
Barr, Nevada - Winter Study1
Barrett, Lorna - Bookplate Special2
Barron, Stephanie - The White Garden1
Battles, Brett - Shadow of Betrayal1
Battles, Brett - The Cleaner2
Baxter, Cynthia - Murder Packs a Suitcase1
Bazell, Josh - Beat the Reaper2
Beall, Will - L.A. Rex2
Beaton, M.C. - Death of a Witch1
Beaton, M.C. - Kissing Christmas Goodbye1
Beaton, M.C. - There Goes the Bride1
Beechey, Alan - An Embarrassment of Corpses1
Befeler, Mike - Retirement Homes Are Murder1
Benioff, David - City of Thieves2
Benn, James R. - Billy Boyle: A World War II Mystery1
Benn, James R. - Blood Alone1
Benn, James R. - Evil for Evil3
Benn, James R. - The First Wave1
Bentley, E.C. - Trent's Last Case1
Bentley, Jennie - Fatal Fixer-Upper1
Berenson, Laurie - Doggie Day Care Murder1
Berkowitz, Ira - Old Flame1
Bernhardt, William - Capitol Murder1
Bernhardt, William - Capitol Offense 1
Bertram, Pat - Daughter Am I1
Bidulka, Anthony - Aloha Candy Hearts1
Birtcher, Baron - Angels Fall1
Bissell, Sallie - Call the Devil by His Oldest Name1
Black, Cara - Murder in the Latin Quarter1
Black, Tony - GUTTED1
Blackwell, Juliet - Secondhand Spirits1
Blake, Nicholas - Head of a Traveller1
Blake, Nicholas - The Widow's Cruise1
Blanchard, Alice - The Breathtakers1
Bliss, Miranda - Cooking up Murder1
Block, Lawrence - A Dance at the Slaughterhouse1
Block, Lawrence - A Ticket to the Boneyard1
Block, Lawrence - Burglars Can’t Be Choosers1
Block, Lawrence - Hit and Run1
Bolano, Roberto - 26661
Bolton, S.J. - Awakening6
Bolton, S.J. - Sacrifice4
Booth, Stephan - The Kill Call2
Bork, Lisa - For Better For Murder1
Bowen, Rhys - A Royal Pain2
Bowen, Rhys - In a Gilded Cage2
Bowen, Rhys - Royal Flush3
Box, C.J. - Below Zero1
Box, C.J. - Blue Heaven2
Box, C.J. - Free Fire1
Box, C.J. - Open Season1
Box, C.J. - Three Weeks to Say Goodbye1
Bradley, Alan - The Sweetness at the Bottom of the Pie10
Brand, Christianna - Green For Danger1
Brennert, Alan - Honolulu1
Brett, Simon - Murder Unprompted1
Brightwell, Emily - Mrs. Jeffries and the Yuletide Weddings1
Brightwell, Emily - Mrs. Jeffries in the Nick of Time1
Brockmann, Suzanne - Dark of Night1
Brookins, Carl - Bloody Halls1
Brophy, Grace - The Last Enemy1
Brown, Dan - The Lost Symbol1
Bruen & Reed, Ken & Farrel Coleman - TOWER1
Bruen, Ken - Once Were Cops1
Bruen, Ken - Priest1
Buchanan, Edna - Legally dead1
Burcell, Robin - Face of a Killer2
Burdett, John - Bangkok Tattoo1
Burke, Alafair - Angel's Tip1
Burke, James Lee - In the Electric Mist With Confederate Dead1
Burke, James Lee - Rain Gods1
Burke, Jan - The Messenger1
Burton, Milton T. - Rogue's Game1
Burton, Milton T. - The Sweet and the Dead1
Burton, Tony (editor) - The Writer's Journey Journal1
Butcher, Jim - Turn Coat3
Butler, Dori Hillestad - The Truth about Truman School1
Camilleri, Andrea - August Heat2
Campbell Slan, Joanna - Paper, Scissors, Death1
Campbell, Chester D - The Surest Poison1
Campbell, Karen - THE TWILIGHT TIME1
Campbell-Slan, Joanna - Cut, Crop & Die1
Cannell, Stephen - On the Grind1
Cannell, Stephen - The Tin Collectors1
Cantrell, Rebecca - A Trace of Smoke4
Carey, Mike - The Devil You Know2
Carter, Stephen L. - The Emperor of Ocean Park1
Casey, Donis - Drop Edge of Yonder1
Casey, Donis - Hornswoggled1
Casey, Donis - The Sky Took Him2
Casey, Sharyn - Singularity1
Castillo, Linda - Sworn to Silence2
Causey, Toni McGee - When A Man Loves A Weapon1
Challinor, C.S. - Murder In The Raw2
Chaon, Dan - Await Your Reply1
Charles, Kate - Deep Waters1
Chaze, Elliot - Black Wings Has My Angel1
Chiaverini, Jennifer - The Lost Quilter1
Child, Lee - Gone Tomorrow5
Christie, Agatha - A Pocket Full of Rye1
Christie, Agatha - Cards on the Table1
Christie, Agatha - Endless Night1
Christie, Agatha - Hercule Poirot's Christmas1
Christie, Agatha - Mrs. McGinty's Dead1
Christie, Agatha - They Do It With Mirrors1
Cleeves, Ann - Raven Black2
Cleeves, Ann - Red Bones2
Cleeves, Ann - Telling Tales1
Cleeves, Ann - White Nights2
Clement, Blaize - Cat Sitter on a Hot Tin Roof2
Cleverly, Barbara - The Last Kashmiri rose1
Coben, Harlan - Hold Tight1
Coben, Harlan - Long Lost1
Coben, Harlan - The Woods1
Cockey, Tim - The Hearse You Came In On1
Cody, Liza - Lucky Dip and Other Stories1
Coel, Margaret - Blood memory1
Coel, Margaret - The Lost Bird1
Coel, Margaret - The Silent Spirit1
Cohen, Jeffrey - A Night at the Operation6
Cohen, Jeffrey - It Happened One Knife1
Coleman, Reed Farrel - Empty Ever After3
Coleman, Reed Farrel - The James Deans1
Coleman, Reed Farrel - Walking the Perfect Square2
Collett, Chris - Stalked by Shadows1
Collins, Max Allan - The First Quarry1
Conant & Conant-Park, Jessica & Susan - FED UP1
Connelly, Michael - Nine Dragons8
Connelly, Michael - The Brass Verdict4
Connelly, Michael - The Scarecrow9
Connolly, Sheila - One Bad Apple2
Connolly, Sheila - Rotten to the Core1
Constantine, K C - Grievance1
Cook, Robin - Sphinx1
Cooper, Glen - Secret of the Seventh Son1
Cooper, Gwen - Homer's Odyssey1
Cooper, Natasha - No Escape1
Cooper, Susan Rogers - Shotgun Wedding1
Cotterill, Colin - The Merry Misogynist3
Crais, Robert - Chasing Darkness2
Crais, Robert - L.A. Requiem1
Crider, Bill - Murder in Four Parts2
Crider, Bill - Of All Sad Words1
Crombie, Deborah - A Share in Death1
Crombie, Deborah - Dreaming of the Bones1
Crombie, Deborah - In a Dark House1
Crombie, Deborah - Kissed a Sad Goodbye2
Crombie, Deborah - Mourn Not Your Dead1
Crombie, Deborah - Necessary as Blood10
Crombie, Deborah - Now You May Weep1
Crombie, Deborah - Water Like a Stone1
Crombie, Deborah - Where Memories Lie3
Crosby, Ellen - The Riesling Retribution1
Cruse, Lonnie - Malice In Metropolis1
Cruse, Lonnie - Married In Metropolis1
Cruse, Lonnie - Murder in Metropolis1
Cunningham, E.V. - The Case of the Kidnapped Angel1
Cunningham, E.V. - The Case of the Murdered Mackenzie1
Daheim, Mary - Vi agra Falls1
D'Almeida, Sarah - Dying by the Sword1
D'Almeida, Sarah - The Musketeer's Apprentice1
Daniel, John M. - Vanity Fire1
Darnton, John - Black and White and Red All Over1
David, Evelyn - Murder Off the Books1
David, Evelyn - Murder Takes the Cake1
Davidson, Diane Mott - Fatally Flaky1
Davis, Krista - The Diva Runs Out of Thyme2
Davis, Lindsey - Silver Pigs1
Dawson, Janet - Don't Turn Your Back on the Ocean1
de Castrique, Mark - Blackman's Coffin1
de Castrique, Mark - The Fitzgerald Ruse1
Deaver, Jeffery - Roadside Crosses3
Deaver, Jeffery - The Vanishing Man1
Delany, Vicki - In the Shadow of the Glacier1
DeMarco, Joseph R. G. - Murder on Camac1
Dereske, Jo - Miss Zukas and the Island Murders1
Dibdin, Michael - Back to Bologna1
Dickinson, David - Death of an Old Master1
Dicks, Matthew - Something Missing1
Dietz, Denise - Strangle a loaf of Italian bread1
Doherty, Paul - THE CUP OF GHOSTS1
Dolan, Harry - Bad Things Happen1
Doolittle, Nadine - Iced Under1
Doss, James D - Snake dreams1
Downie, Ruth - Persona Non Grata1
Downing, David - Zoo Station1
Duncan, Elizabeth - The Cold Light of Mourning2
Dunn, Carola - Manna From Hades1
Dunn, Carola - Rattle His Bones1
Dunn, Carola - The Bloody Tower1
Dunn, Carola - The Winter Garden Mystery1
Dunnett, Kaitlyn - A Wee Christmas Homicide2
Durgin, Doranna - Scent of Danger1
Edwards, Ruth Dudley - Aftermath1
Eisler, Barry - Fault Line1
Eisler, Barry - Hard Rain1
Elkins, Aaron - Skull Duggery1
Ellis, David - The Hidden Man1
Ellis, Robert - City of Fire1
Ellison, J.T. - Judas Kiss4
Ellroy, James - The Big Nowhere1
Ephron, Hallie - Never Tell a Lie1
Erickson, K.J. - Alone at Night1
Evanovich, Janet - Fearless Fourteen2
Evanovich, Janet - Finger Lickin' Fifteen3
Evanovich, Janet - Lean Mean Thirteen1
Evans, Mary Anna - Floodgates1
Evans, Stanley - Seaweed Under Water1
Fairstein, Linda - Lethal Legacy6
Fate, Robert - Baby Shark1
Fate, Robert - Baby Shark's Jugglers At The Border6
Faye, Lynsay - Dust and shadow1
Feinstein, John - Change-up1
Fenton, Margaret - Little Lamb Lost4
Ferraris, Zoe - Finding Nouf1
Ferris, Monica - Thai Die1
Finch, Charles - The Fleet Street Murders2
Finder, Joseph - Killer Instinct1
Finder, Joseph - Vanished1
Finnis, Jane - Get Out or Die1
FitzGerald, Helen - BLOODY WOMEN1
FitzGerald, Helen - DEAD LOVELY1
Flint, Shamini - A Most Peculiar Malaysian Murder1
Flora, Fletcher - Park Avenue Tramp1
Floyd, John M. (editor) - The Gift of Murder2
Flynn, Gillian - Sharp Objects1
Ford, Jamie - Hotel at the Corner of Bitter and Sweet1
Fossum, Karin - The Water's Edge (Danish 2007)1
Fowler, Christopher - Bryant and May on the Loose2
Fowler, Christopher - Full Dark House1
Fowler, Giles - Deaths on Pleasant Street1
Fradkin, Barbara - This Thing of Darkness1
Francis, Dick - Even Money1
Francis, Dick - Wild Horses1
Franklin, Ariana - Grave Goods3
Franklin, Ariana - Mistress of the Art of Death3
Franklin, Ariana - The Serpent’s Tale 1
Fraser, Anthea - Thicker Than Water1
Frazer, Margaret - The Prioress’ Tale1
Freeling, Nicholas - Tsing-Boum1
Fremlin, Celia - The Hours Before Dawn1
French, Tana - In the Woods3
French, Tana - The Likeness5
French, Tana - The Likeness1
Frimansson, Inger - Good Night1
Gage, Leighton - BURIED STRANGERS1
Gallison, Kate - Bury the Bishop1
Garcia-Roza, Luiz Alfredo - December Heat1
Gardner, Lisa - The Neighbor2
George, Anne - Murder on a girl's night out1
George, Elizabeth - Careless in Red2
Gerritsen, Tess - The Keepsake1
Gilbert, Suzie - Flyaway1
Glatzer, Hal - Last full measure1
Goodman, Jason - The Bellini Card1
Gordon, Alan - An Antic Disposition1
Gordon, Alan - The Lark's Lament1
Gordon, Alan - The Moneylender of Toulouse1
Gordon-Smith, Dolores - A Fete Worse Than Death2
Gordon-Smith, Dolores - As if by Magic1
Gorman, Ed - The Day the Music Died1
Grabain, Deborah - Rock and Roll Never Forgets1
Grabenstein, Chris - Hell Hole3
Grabenstein, Chris - Mind Scrambler6
Grabenstein, Chris - The Crossroads3
Grace, Margaret - Mourning in Miniature2
Grace, Margaret - Murder in Miniature2
Grafton, Sue - T is for Trespass2
Grafton, Sue - U is for Undertow8
Graves, Sarah - Nail Biter1
Graves, Sarah - Wreck the halls1
Green, Anna Katherine - The Leavenworth Case1
Green, George Dawes - Ravens1
Greenwood, Kerry - Away With the Fairies1
Greenwood, Kerry - Devil's Food4
Greenwood, Kerry - Murder in the Dark3
Greenwood, Kerry - Murder on a Midsummer Night2
Greenwood, Kerry - Queen of the Flowers1
Greenwood, Kerry - Trick or Treat1
Griffiths, Elly - The Crossing Places2
Groundwater, Beth - To Hell in a Handbasket2
Gruley, Bryan - Starvation Lake7
Gunn, Elizabeth - New River Blues1
Guthrie, Allan - SLAMMER1
Haddam, Jane - Living Witness1
Haddon, Mark - The curious incident of the dog in the night-time1
Hall, Parnell - Hitman1
Hallinan, Timothy - A Nail through the Heart1
Hallinan, Timothy - Breathing Water1
Hambly, Barbara - A Free Man of Color1
Handler, David - The Burnt Orange Sunrise1
Handler, David - The Hot Pink Farmhouse1
Handler, David - The Woman Who Fell from Grace1
Harris, C.S. - What Angels Fear1
Harris, C.S. - What Remains of Heaven1
Harris, C.S. - When Gods die1
Harris, C.S. - Where Serpents Sleep1
Harris, C.S. - Why Mermaids sing1
Harris, Charlaine - A FOOL AND HIS HONEY1
Harris, Charlaine - An Ice Cold Grave1
Harris, Charlaine - Dead to the World1
Harris, Charlaine - From Dead to Worse1
Harris, Charlaine - Grave Secret3
Harris, Charlaine - Grave Sight1
Harris, Charlaine - Grave Surprise2
Harris, Charlaine - LAST SEEN ALIVE1
Harris, Charlaine - POPPY DONE TO DEATH1
Harris, Robert - Imperium1
Harris, Rosemary - The Big Dirt Nap1
Harrod-Eagles, Cynthia - Dear Departed1
Harrod-Eagles, Cynthia - Fell Purpose1
Hart, Carolyn - Dare to Die2
Hart, Carolyn - Letter from Home1
Hart, Carolyn - Merry, Merry Ghost3
Hart, Carolyn - Yankee Doodle Dead1
Hart, John - Down River1
Hart, John - The Last Child6
Harvey, Michael - The Chicago Way2
Havill, Steven - Bitter Recoil1
Havill, Steven F. - Red, Green, or Murder1
Hayder, Mo - Gone1
Hayes, J. M. - Server Down1
Heley, Veronica - False Charity1
Hellman, Libby Fischer - Doubleback1
Henry, Sue - The End of the Road1
Herring, Peg - Her Highness' First Murder1
Hewson, David - Lucifer's Shadow1
Hiassen, Carl  - Nature Girl1
Highsmith, Patricia - The Talented Mr. Ripley1
Hill, Kaye C. - Dead Woman's Shoes1
Hill, Kaye C. - The Fall Girl1
Hill, Marion Moore - Deadly Will2
Hill, Marion Moore - Death Books a Return1
Hill, Reginald - Child's Play1
Hill, Reginald - Death Comes for the Fat Man1
Hill, Reginald - Midnight Fugue5
Hill, Reginald - The Price of Butcher's Meat3
Hill, Russell - The Lord God Bird1
Hill, Susan - The Various Haunts of Men1
Hill, Susan - The Vows of Silence1
Hill, Suzette - Bones in the Belfry1
Hillerman, Tony - The Blessing Way1
Hockensmith, Steve - The Crack in the Lens1
Holt, Anne - The final murder1
Hornsby, Wendy - In the Guise of Mercy2
Hurwitz, Gregg - Trust No One2
Huston, Charlie - The Mystic Art of Erasing All Signs of Death1
Hyland, Adrian - Moonlight Downs1
Hyzy, Julie - Hail to the chef4
Hyzy, Julie - State of the Onion2
Indridason, Arnaldur - Arctic Chill (Icelandic: 2005)1
Indridason, Arnaldur - The Draining Lake (Icelandic: 2004)2
Innes, Hammond - The Wreck of the Mary Deare1
Jaffarian, Sue Ann - Booby Trap1
James, P.D. - The Lighthouse1
James, P.D. - The Private Patient6
Jecks, Michael - The Butcher of St. Peter's1
Johnson, Craig - Another Man's Moccasins1
Johnson, Craig - Death Without Company1
Johnson, Craig - The Cold Dish4
Johnson, Craig - The Dark Horse9
Johnson, Craig - The Dark Horse1
Joss, Morag - The Night Following1
Kaminsky, Stuart M. - Bright Futures1
Kaminsky, Stuart M. - To Catch a Spy1
Katzenbach, John - The Wrong Man1
Kearsley, Susanna - Season of Storms1
Kelby, N.M. - Murder at the Bad Girl's Bar & Grill1
Kellerman, Faye - Blindman’s Bluff 1
Kelly, Jim - Death Wore White1
Kelly, Jim - The Fire Baby2
Kelly, Jim - The Water Clock1
Kelner, Toni - Curse of the Kissing Cousins1
Kennedy, Edward M. - True Compass1
Kenyon, Michael - Peckover and the Bog Man1
Kerr, Philip - March Violets2
Killian, Diana - Dial Om for Murder1
King, Laurie R - The Art of Detection1
King, Laurie R - The Beekeeper's Apprentice1
King, Laurie R - The Language of Bees11
King, Laurie R - Touchstone1
Knopf, Chris - TWO TIME1
Koontz, Dean - Brother Odd1
Koryta, Michael - Envy the Night2
Koryta, Michael - So Cold the River1
Kozak, Harley Jane - A Date You Can't Refuse1
Kozak, Harley Jane - Dead Ex1
Kramer, Julie - Stalking Susan1
Krich, Rochelle - Shadows of Sin1
Krueger, William Kent - Blood Hollow1
Krueger, William Kent - Copper River2
Krueger, William Kent - Copper River1
Krueger, William Kent - Heaven's Keep9
Krueger, William Kent - Mercy Falls1
Krueger, William Kent - Red Knife1
Krueger, William Kent - THUNDER BAY1
Lacefield, Lori - The Seventh Survivor1
Lackberg, Camilla - The Ice Princess (Swedish: 2002)1
Lakin, Rita - Getting Old is to Die For1
Lamb, John J. - The False-Hearted Teddy1
Lane, Vicki - In a Dark Season1
Lane, Vicki - Old Wounds1
Lane, Vicki - Signs In The Blood2
Lange, Richard - This Wicked World1
Lanier, Virginia - Death in Bloodhound Red1
Lanier, Virginia - Ten Little Bloodhounds1
Lansdale, Joe R. - Vanilla Ride3
Larsson, Stieg - The Girl Who Kicked the Hornet's Nest (Swedish: 2007)2
Larsson, Stieg - The Girl Who Played With Fire (Swedish: 2006)8
Larsson, Stieg - The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo (Swedish: 2005)7
Lehane, Dennis - Mystic River1
Lehane, Dennis - Shutter Island1
Lehane, Dennis - The Given Day1
Leon, Donna - About Face1
Leon, Donna - Uniform Justice1
Leon, Donna - Wilful Behavior1
Leonard, Elmore - The Hot Kid1
Leonard, Elmore - Up in Honey's Room1
Lescroart, John - A Plague of Secrets1
Lescroart, John - Rasputin's Revenge1
Levien, David - Where the Dead Lay1
Lindsey, Jeff - Dexter by Design1
Linscott, Gillian - Dead Man Riding1
Lippman, Laura - Hardly Knew Her1
Lippman, Laura - In a Strange City1
Lippman, Laura - Life Sentences5
Lippman, Laura - What the Dead Know2
Littlefield, Sophie - A Bad Day For Sorry4
Locke, Attica - Black Water Rising3
Logue, Mary - Poison Heart1
Loomis, Jon - Mating Season2
Lovesey, Peter - Skeleton Hill1
Lovesey, Peter - The Summons1
Lovesey, Peter - The Last Detective1
Lutz, Lisa - Revenge of the Spellmans4
Lyons, C.J. - Lifelines1
MacBride, Stuart - Blind Eye2
MacBride, Stuart - Cold Granite1
MacBride, Stuart - Flesh House1
MacDonald, Ross - The Goodbye Look1
Mack, Debbi - Identity Crisis1
Madinger, John - Death on Diamond Head1
Maffini, Mary Jane - Death Loves a Messy Desk2
Maffini, Mary Jane - Law & Disorder1
Maffini, Mary Jane - Too Hot to Handle1
Maleeny, Tim - Greasing the pinata1
Malliet, G.M. - Death and the Lit Chick3
Malliet, G.M. - Death of a Cozy Writer1
Mankell, Henning - Firewall1
Markaris, Petros - The Late Night News1
Maron, Margaret - Bootlegger's Daughter2
Maron, Margaret - Death's Half Acre2
Maron, Margaret - Sand Sharks2
Maron, Margaret - Sand Sharks 1
Maron, Margaret - Southern Discomfort1
Maron, Margaret - Suitable for Hanging1
Marsh, Ngaio - Overture to Death1
Marston, Edward - The Wolves of Saverlake1
Marton, Dana - Tall, dark and lethal1
May, Peter - Blacklight blue1
May, Peter - Extraordinary People1
Mayor, Archer - Chat1
McCall Smith, Alexander - Tea Time for the Traditionally Built1
McCall Smith, Alexander - The Lost Art of Gratitude1
McClendon, Lise - Blackbird Fly1
McDermid, Val - A Darker Domain8
McDermid, Val - A Place of Execution1
McDermid, Val - The Fever of the Bone1
McDougal, Christopher - Born to Run1
McGee, Chaz - Desolate Angel2
McGilloway, Brian - Borderlands2
McInerny, Karen - Murder Most Maine1
McIntyre, Hope - How to Seduce a Ghost1
McKinty, Adrian - Fifty Grand1
McMahon, Jennifer - Dismantled1
McManus, Patrick F. - The Blight Way1
McRae, Cricket - Spin a Wicked Web3
Meier, Leslie - Mother’s Day Murder 1
Meredith, Marilyn - Dispel the Mist1
Meredith, Marilyn - No Sanctuary2
Meyer, Deon - Blood Safari1
Meyer, Stephanie - Breaking Dawn1
Meyer, Stephanie - Eclipse1
Meyer, Stephanie - New Moon1
Michaels, Barbara - Patriot's Dream1
Millar, Margaret - The Soft Talkers1
Milne, AA - The Perfect Alibi (Eng title: The Fourth Wall)1
Mina, Denise - Resolution1
Moerk, Christian - Darling Jim2
Mofina, Rick - Six Seconds1
Mofina, Rick - Vengeance Road2
Morice, Anne - Death of a Wedding Guest1
Morrell, David - The Shimmer1
Morrison, Toni - A Mercy1
Morton, Kate - The Forgotten Garden1
Mosby, Steve - STILL BLEEDING1
Mosley, Walter - A Little Yellow Dog1
Muller, Marcia - Burn out2
Muller, Marcia - Locked In4
Murphy, Shirley Rousseau - Cat Playing Cupid1
Murphy, Shirley Rousseau - Cat Striking Back2
Myers, Beverle Graves - Her Deadly Mischief4
Nabb, Magdalen - Vita Nuova1
Nadel, Barbara - River of the dead1
Nadelson, Reggie - Londongrad-NYPD1
Nehring, Radine Trees - A River To Die For2
Nelscott, Kris - A Dangerous Road1
Nelscott, Kris - Days of Rage1
Nesbo, Jo - Nemesis1
Nesbo, Jo - The Redbreast2
Neville, Stuart - The Twelve aka The Ghosts of Belfast2
Newman, Sharan - Strong as Death1
Newman, Sharan - The Wandering Arm1
Newmark, Elle - The Book of Unholy Mischief1
Newton, Charlie - Calumet City2
Novik, Naomi - His Majesty's Dragon1
Nunn, Malla - A Beautiful Place to Die1
O'Connell, Carol - Bone by Bone3
Oliphant, B.J. - The unexpected corpse1
Page, Katherine Hall - The Body in the Sleigh 3
Paretsky, Sara - Hardball5
Parker, Ann - Leaden Skies4
Parker, Robert B. - Appaloosa1
Parker, Robert B. - Hush Money1
Parker, Robert B. - The Professional1
Parker, T. Jefferson - Iron River2
Parker, T. Jefferson - The Renegades2
Parks, Brad - Faces of the Gone3
Parrish, P.J. - Dark of the Moon1
Parrish, P.J. - Paint it black1
Patterson, James - Sunday's at Tiffany's1
Patterson, Richard North - The Spire1
Pattison, Eliot - The Lord of Death1
Peale, Cynthia - The Death of Colonel Mann1
Pears, Iain - Stone's Fall1
Pelecanos, George - The Way Home3
Penny, Louise - A Fatal Grace (Dead Cold)2
Penny, Louise - A Rule Against Murder (The Murder Stone)7
Penny, Louise - Still Life3
Penny, Louise - The Brutal Telling15
Penny, Louise - The Cruelest Month3
Penzler, Otto (editor) - The Lineup: The World's Greatest Crime Writers2
Perry, Anne - A Christmas Promise1
Perry, Anne - Execution Dock4
Perry, Anne - The Hyde Park Headsman1
Pesal, Marisha - Special Topics in Calamity Physics1
Petit, Chris - The Psalm Killer1
Phillips, Max - Fade to Blonde1
Pickens, Cathy - Done Gone Wrong1
Pickens, Cathy - Hush My Mouth1
Pierce, Tamora - Bloodhound2
Pinter, Jason - The Darkness1
Pintoff, Stefanie - In the Shadow of Gotham4
Plakcy, Neil - Mahu Vice1
Pollock, Donald Ray - KNOCKEMSTIFF1
Price, Richard - Lush Life2
Printer, Jason - The Darkness1
Printer, Jason - The Fury1
Pronzini, Bill - Schemers1
Qiu, Xiaolong - Death of a Red Heroine1
Qiu, Xiaolong - The Mao Case2
Quinn, Spencer - Dog On It4
Randall & Cook, Brant & Bruce - Tommy Gun Tango2
Rankin, Ian - Exit Music1
Raybourn, Deanna - Silent in the Grave1
Raybourn, Deanna - Silent on the Moor4
Raymond, Derek - I Was Dora Suarez1
Reaves, Sam - Mean Town Blues1
Regan, Linda - Dead LIke Her1
Reichs, Kathy - 206 Bones1
Rendell, Ruth - A Judgement in Stone2
Rendell, Ruth - A Sleeping Life1
Rendell, Ruth - No Night is too Long1
Rendell, Ruth - Not in the Flesh1
Rendell, Ruth - The Monster in the Box2
Rennebohm, Peter - Buried Lies1
Rennebohm, Peter - French Creek1
Richards, Linda L. - Death Was The Other Woman2
Richards, Linda L. - Mad Money1
Rickman, Phil - THE SMILE OF A GHOST1
Rickman, Phil - To Dream of the Dead1
Rimington, Stella - At Risk1
Riordan, Rick - THE LAST OLYMPIAN1
Robb, J.D. - Promises in Death1
Roberts, Gillian - Claire and Present Danger2
Roberts, Gillian - Philly Stakes1
Roberts, Gillian - Til the End of Tom1
Robinson, Peter - All the Colors of Darkness7
Robinson, Peter - Friend of the Devil1
Robinson, Peter - Gallow's View1
Robinson, Peter - The Price of Love1
Robotham, Michael - Bombproof1
Robotham, Michael - Shatter4
Robotham, Michael - The Night Ferry1
Roker, Al - The Morning Show Murders: A Novel1
Rosenfelt, David - New Tricks2
Ross, Ann B. - Miss Julia Speaks Her Mind: A Novel1
Rotenberg, Robert - Old City Hall1
Rozan, S.J. - Absent Friends1
Rozan, S.J. - The Shanghai Moon10
Rucka, Greg - Walking Dead1
Ryan, Annelise - Working Stiff1
Ryan, Hank Phillippi - Air Time3
Ryan, Hank Phillippi - Face Time2
Ryan, Hank Phillippi - Prime Time3
Sakey, Marcus - Good People1
Sallis, James - Cypress grove1
Sallis, James - Ghost of a Flea2
Sandford, John - Rough Country3
Sandford, John - Wicked Prey3
Sansom, C.J. - Dark Fire1
Sansom, C.J. - Dissolution2
Sansom, C.J. - Revelation3
Sansom, C.J. - Revelation 1
Sansom, C.J. - SOVEREIGN1
Saums, Mary - Mighty Old Bones1
Sawyer, Thomas B. - No Place To Run1
Sayers, Dorothy L. - Busman's Honeymoon1
Sayers, Dorothy L. - Nine Tailors1
Saylor, Steven - The Triumph of Caesar1
Schlink, Bernhard - Self's Punishment1
Schneider, Ilene - Chanukah Guilt1
Schwartz, John Burnham - The Commonor1
Scottoline, Lisa - Look Again1
Sellers, L.J. - Secrets To Die For1
Shaffer & Barrows, Mary Ann & Annie - The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society2
Shannon, John - Palos Verde Blue1
Sharp, Deborah - Mama Does Time1
Shelton, Connie - Deadly Gamble1
Shmurak, Carole B. - Death at Hilliard High1
Siger, Jeffrey - Murder in Mykonos1
Sigurdardottir, Yrsa - Last Rituals1
Sigurdardottir, Yrsa - My Soul to Take1
Sigurdardottir, Yrsa - My Soul to Take1
Silva, Daniel - The Secret Servant1
Simenon, Georges - Red Lights 1
Simon, Clea - Shades of Grey1
Simonson, Sheila - An Old Chaos: A Latouche County Mystery1
Simonson, Sheila - Buffalo Bill’s Defunct1
Simpson, Dorothy - Puppet For A Corpse1
Slaughter, Karin - Undone4
Smith, Martin Cruz - Stalin's Ghost1
Smith, Tom Rob - Child 442
Sokoloff, Alexandra - The Unseen3
Somer, Mehmet Murat - The gigolo murder1
Spencer-Fleming, Julia - I Shall Not Want5
Sprinkle, Patricia - What are You Wearing to Die?1
Stabenow, Dana - A Grave Denied1
Stabenow, Dana - Whisper to the Blood1
Staggs, Earl - Memory Of A Murder1
Stanley, J.B. - Carbs and Cadavers1
Stanley, Kelli - Nox Dormienda1
Stanley, Michael - A Carrion Death2
Stanley, Michael - The Second Death of Goodluck Tinubu2
Stansberry, Dominic - The Ancient Rain1
Stanton, Mary - Angel’s Advocate2
Stanton, Mary - Defending Angels2
Stark, Richard - The Man with the Getaway Face1
Stein, Garth - The Art of Racing in the Rain1
Steinhauer, Olen - The Tourist1
Stockett, Kathryn - The Help2
Stout, Rex - Gambit1
Stout, Rex - The League of Frightened Men1
Stuckart, Diane A.S. - PORTRAIT OF A LADY1
Stuckart, Diane A.S. - The Queen's Gambit1
Swain, James - The Night Monster1
Swann, Leonie - Three Bags Full1
Swierczynski , Duane - Secret Dead Men1
Talley, Marcia - Dead Man Dancing1
Tallis, Frank - Fatal Lies1
Talton, John - The Pain Nurse1
Terrell, E. Michael - Racing the Devil2
Theorin, Johan - Echoes from the Dead (Swedish: 2007)3
Thomas, Ross - Briarpatch1
Thomas, Will - Some Danger Involved1
Thurlo, Aimee & David - Earthway1
Todd, Charles - A Duty to the Dead3
Todd, Charles - A Matter of Justice3
Todd, Charles - A Test of Wills1
Todd, Charles - A Pale Horse1
Unger, Lisa - Die for You2
Unsworth, Barry - LAND OF MARVELS1
Ure, Louise - Liars Anonymous1
Vargas, Fred - Have Mercy on Us All (French: 2001)2
Vargas, Fred - The Chalk Circle Man (French: 1990)2
Vargas, Fred - The Three Evangelists (French: 1995)1
Vargas, Fred - THIS NIGHT'S FOUL WORK (French: 2006)1
Viets, Elaine - Murder With all the Trimmings1
Waddell, Dan - Blood Atonement1
Waddell, Dan - The Blood Detective1
Waldron, Ann - The Princeton Murders1
Walker, Sue - The Burning1
Wall, Kathryn - Covenant Hall1
Walsh, Jill Paton - A Presumption of Death1
Walsh, Jill Paton - Thrones Dominations1
Walters, Minette - The Ice House1
Walton, Jo - Farthing1
Wambaugh, Joseph - Hollywood Station1
Waters, Sarah - The Little Stranger1
Webb, Betty - Desert Lost2
Webb, Betty - Desert Noir1
Webb, Betty - The Anteater of Death4
Weir, Charlene - Family Practice1
Welk, Mary - A Merry Little Murder1
Wells, Shirley - Into the Shadows1
Westerson, Jeri - Serpent in the Thorns1
Westerson, Jeri - Veil of Lies2
Westlake, Donald E. - Get Real2
White, Stephen - The Siege1
Wigglesworth, Gayle - Mud to Ashes1
Wildwind, Sharon - First Murder in Advent1
Wildwind, Sharon - Missing Presumed Wed1
Wildwind, Sharon - Some Welcome Home1
Wilhelm, Kate - The Price of Silence2
Willett, Jincy - The Writing Class2
Willis, Connie - To Say Nothing of the Dog1
Wilson, Laura - Innocent spy1
Wilson, Laura - The Innocent Spy1
Wingfield, R.D. - Frost at Christmas1
Winslow, Don - The Dawn Patrol1
Winspear, Jacqueline - Among the Mad9
Wolfe, Inger Ash - The Calling3
Woodrell, Daniel - Tomato Red1
Wright, Edward - Red Sky Lament1
Zelvin, Elizabeth - Death Will Help You Leave Him3
Zusak, Markus - The Book Thief2