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2008 DL Bests - update of viewers, website statistics for 2009

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By Theresa de Valence - Posted on 10 December 2009

DorothyL’s Best of Books for 2008 were posted on this website on 7 Feb 2009. I use a module produced by AWStats to calculate statistics for traffic on the website. As you may know, anytime anyone clicks anything on your website, a simple user-count software package just increments. It does this for automated robots from google, yahoo, etc., as well as spammers. So, simple click-counters are not very indicative of actual usage of your web information. AWStats counts unique visitors, discounts robots and does other fun things; click AWStats to find out more.

In February 2009 when DorothyL Best of 2008 was posted, there were 69,316 clicks to the website during the month. There were 300 unique visitors the first day, 600 the second day, 140 the third, slightly under/over 100 for the next 5 days, and 30-40 daily for the rest of the month. There were 1837 daily unique visitors, and 1076 unique visitors for the month (i.e. some people came back more than once to read the reports). In Feb, 2717 visitors came from being bookmarked or added to peoples’ favourites, 371 came from weblinks in Crimespace and other websites, and 161 came from search engines.

Now, here’s the fascinating part:
There were visitors to DorothyL Best of 2008 for many months following. I average about 300-500 unique visitors per month but I also review local theatre bimonthly, so that skews the data and my awstats was misconfigured, so I don’t have exact numbers for the entire year. But, there were hundreds of DL pages viewed in March, bad data for much of Apr, DL pages viewed in May, June, July, no data for Aug & half Sept, but still many DL pages viewed in Sept, October, November, and December! During the last quarter of 2009, people are also reading the DL Best of Books for 2007.

So, methinks that these Best of Lists have had utility for quite a few people. What do you think?