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2008 Submitters - Best of DorothyL

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By Theresa de Valence - Posted on 06 February 2009

110 DorothyL members submitted lists of favourite books read in 2008. This is one of the reports which can only be seen by authenticated users.

Comments are welcome. :)

The submitters who contributed data for 2008 are as follows:

Abbey Hamilton
Andi Davis
Annette Mahon
Barbara Monay
BJ Simon
Bonnie Rauscher
Carol Crigger
Carol Hutton
Carol Noreen
Carole Shmurak
Caroline Upcher
Caryn St. Clair
Cathy Gallagher
ch kysar
Cheryl Gillis
Cindy Maher
Clea Simon
Craig Larson
Daryl Wood Gerber
Dave Bennett
Denise Dietz
Edie Embler
Erin Bulman
Fred Yoder
Gail Farrelly
Gail Hueting
Gail Nickerson
Gay Kinman
Helen Nelson
J.M. "Mike" Hayes
Janet Cearley
Janice Doxtator
Jayne Barnard
Jeffrey Cohen
Jen Wendel
Jennifer Forbus
Jim Jackson
Joan Huston
Joyce Delaney
Judy Bausch
Julia Clarke
Julie Burns
Karen Becker
Karen Hall
Kathleen Rainwater
Kathrin P
Kaye Barley
Kimberly Andrew
Kristy Montee
Laura Andersen
Laura Cooper
Laurie Smith
Lesa Holstine
Linda Gerber
linda kupecek
LJ Roberts
Lois Hirt
Lois Reibach
Lucinda Surber
Lucy Trimble
Marcie Mack
Margaret Franson
Marilyn Meredith
Mark Baker
Marlene Kondelik
Marlyn Beebe
Mary Ellen Hughes
Melanie Anton
Meredith Phillips
Michael Sherer
Michelle Hollstein
N. J. Lindquist
nancy martin
Nikki Strandskov
Nina Wells
Oline H. Cogdill
Pam Gee
Pat Beuerlein
Pat Browning
patricia jones
Patricia Turnbull
Patti O'Brien
Peggy Baker
Phil Mann
Reading Princess a/k/a Tracey Thomas
Rebecca Hippert
Roberta Isleib
Rosemary Harris
Sally A Fellows
Sandra Parshall
Sheila Beaumont
Shirley McLean
Shirley Wetzel
Steven Torres
Susan Mueller
Suzanne Epstein
Theresa de Valence
Truly Donovan
Vicki Kondelik