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2008 Authors by Popularity - Best of DorothyL

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By Theresa de Valence - Posted on 07 February 2009

There were 566 unique authors submitted in the Best of 2008 Books on DorothyL. 293 authors were referenced at least twice (either by title or by submitter) and are listed below.

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Title and AuthorCount
I Shall Not Want - Spencer-Fleming, Julia19
Hell Hole - Grabenstein, Chris16
In The Woods - French, Tana16
The Brass Verdict - Connelly, Michael13
The Cruellest Month - Penny, Louise13
Friend Of The Devil - Robinson, Peter11
Touchstone - King, Laurie R.11
The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo (orig '05) - Larsson, Stieg10
Where Memories Lie - Crombie, Deborah10
A Carrion Death - Stanley, Michael9
Another Man?s Moccasins - Johnson, Craig9
Red Knife - Krueger, William Kent9
Winter Study - Barr, Nevada9
An Incomplete Revenge - Winspear, Jacqueline8
Baby Shark's High Plains Redemption - Fate, Robert8
Death Will Get You Sober - Zelvin, Elizabeth8
Blue Heaven - Box, C. J.7
The Fault Tree - Ure, Louise7
Case Histories - Atkinson, Kate6
Chasing Darkness - Crais, Robert6
Death?s Half Acre - Maron, Margaret6
Lie Down With The Devil - Barnes, Linda6
Master Of The Delta - Cook, Thomas H.6
Silent In The Sanctuary - Raybourn, Deanna6
Slip Of The Knife - Mina, Denise6
Still Life - Penny, Louise6
T Is For Trespass - Grafton, Sue6
The Private Patient - James, P. D.6
When Will There Be Good News - Atkinson, Kate6
A River to Die For - Nehring, Radine Trees5
A Royal Pain - Bowen, Rhys5
Blood Trail - Box, C. J.5
Careless In Red - George, Elizabeth5
Cold in Hand - Harvey, John5
Envy the Night - Koryta, Michael5
Exit Music - Rankin, Ian5
Fractured - Slaughter, Karin5
Hold Tight - Coben, Harlan5
It Happened One Knife - Cohen, Jeffrey5
Killer Heat - Fairstein, Linda5
State Of The Onion - Hyzy, Julie5
The Cold Dish - Johnson, Craig5
The Dawn Patrol - Winslow, Don5
The Serpent's Tale - Franklin, Ariana5
White Nights - Cleeves, Ann5
Blackman?s Coffin - De Castrique, Mark4
Curse of the Spellmans - Lutz, Lisa4
Devil Bones - Reichs, Kathy4
Even Cat Sitters Get the Blues - Clement, Blaize4
Heavenly Pleasures - Greenwood, Kerry4
No Time for Goodbye - Barclay, Linwood4
Pushing Up Daisies - Harris, Rosemary4
South of hell - Parrish, P. J.4
The Draining Lake - Indridason, Arnaldur4
The Iron Tongue of Midnight - Myers, Beverle Graves4
The Laughter Of Dead Kings - Peters, Elizabeth4
The Price of Butcher's Meat - Hill, Reginald4
The Spellman Files - Lutz, Lisa4
The Turnaround - Pelecanos, George4
Tilt-A-Whirl - Grabenstein, Chris4
What The Dead Know - Lippman, Laura4
14 - Ellison, J. T.3
A Fatal Grace - Penny, Louise3
A Fatal Waltz - Alexander, Tasha3
A Wedding To Die For - Nehring, Radine Trees3
Another Thing to Fall - Lippman, Laura3
Boundary Waters - Krueger, William Kent3
Buried Lies - Rennebohm, Peter3
Burn Out - Muller, Marcia3
Clubbed To Death - Viets, Elaine3
Death Comes for the Fat Man - Hill, Reginald3
Face Of A Killer - Burcell, Robin3
Fever - Pronzini, Bill3
Flesh House - MacBride, Stuart3
Ghost At Work - Hart, Carolyn G.3
Hardly Knew Her - Lippman, Laura3
In a Dark Season - Lane, Vicki3
Jester Leaps In - Gordon, Alan3
Kindness Goes Unpunished - Johnson, Craig3
L. A. Outlaws - Parker, T. Jefferson3
Murder packs a Suitcase - Baxter, Cynthia3
Phantom Prey - Sandford, John3
Swan Peak - Burke, James Lee3
Tell Me Pretty Maiden - Bowen, Rhys3
The Calling - Wolfe, Inger Ash3
The Crazy School - Read, Cornelia3
The Curse of the Pogo Stick - Cotterill, Colin3
The Drifter's Wheel - DePoy, Phillip3
The Eye Of Jade - Wei Liang, Diane3
The First Wave - Benn, James R.3
The Headhunters - Lovesey, Peter3
The Murder Stone (aka A Rule Against Murder) - Penny, Louise3
The Virgin of Small Plains - Pickard, Nancy3
To Darkness and To Death - Spencer-Fleming, Julia3
Uneasy relations - Elkins, Aaron3
A Field of Darkness - Read, Cornelia2
A Grave in Gaza - Rees, Matt Benyon2
Absinthe Of Malice - Browning, Pat2
All The Colors Of Darkness - Robinson, Peter2
All The Pretty Girls - Ellison, J. T.2
Anarchy and Old Dogs - Cotterill, Colin2
Asking for Murder - Isleib, Roberta2
At Some Disputed Barricade - Perry, Anne2
Baby Shark - Fate, Robert2
Bermuda Schwartz - Morris, Bob2
Blood Alone - Benn, James R.2
Blood Hollow - Krueger, William Kent2
Bones - Kellerman, Jonathan2
Bring your own poison - Evans, Jimmie Ruth2
Buckingham Palace Gardens - Perry, Anne2
City of Shadows - Franklin , Ariana2
Crazy School - Read, Cornelia2
Cries and Whiskers - Simon, Clea2
Damnation Falls - Wright, Edward2
Dead Man's Island - Hart, Carolyn G.2
Dead Time - White, Stephen2
Deadman's Switch - Seranella, Barbara2
Death Was The Other Woman - Richards, Linda L.2
Defending Angels - Stanton, Mary2
Degrees of Separation - Henry, Sue2
Desert Cut - Webb, Betty2
Disturbing the Dead - Parshall, Sandra2
Down River - Hart, John2
Duma Key - King, Stephen2
Easy Innocence - Hellmann, Libby Fischer2
Empty Ever After - Coleman, Reed Farrel2
Fidelity - Perry, Thomas2
Folly - King, Laurie R.2
Forcing Amaryllis - Ure, Louise2
From Dead to Worse - Harris, Charlaine2
Good People - Sakey, Marcus2
Hard row - Maron, Margaret2
Heat Lightning - Sandford, John2
Her Royal Spyness - Bowen, Rhys2
Hit Man - Block, Lawrence2
Holmes on the Range - Hockensmith, Steven2
Hungry Ghosts - Dunlap, Susan2
In the Dead of Winter - Mehl, Nancy2
In the Wind - Fister, Barbara2
Island Life - Sherer, Michael W.2
Just Add Water - Schwartz, Jinx2
K.I.A. - Holland, Thomas2
Kindred Spirits - Meredith, Marilyn2
Last Post - Barnard, Robert2
Leather Maiden - Lansdale, Joe R.2
Legally dead - Buchanan, Edna2
Letters from Home - Hart, Carolyn G.2
Mad Mouse - Grabenstein, Chris2
Memory of a Murder - Staggs, Earl2
Mighty Old Bones - Saums, Mary2
Mistress Of The Art Of Death - Franklin , Ariana2
Moonlight Downs (aka Diamond Dove) - Hyland, Adrian2
Mrs. Jeffries Holds the Trump - Brightwell, Emily2
Murder Melts In Your Mouth - Martin, Nancy2
Nineteen Minutes - Picault, Jodi2
No Graves Yet - Perry, Anne2
Of All Sad Words - Crider, Bill2
On the Wrong Track - Hockensmith, Steven2
One Bad Apple - Connelly, Sheila2
Pane of Death - Atwell, Sarah2
Paper-thin Alibi - Hughes, Mary Ellen2
People of the Book - Brooks, Geraldine2
Preaching to the Corpse - Isleib, Roberta2
Prime Time - Ryan, Hank Phillippi2
Prisoner of Birth - Archer, Jeffrey2
Queen of the Flowers - Greenwood, Kerry2
Quick Study - Barbieri, Maggie2
Raven Black - Cleeves, Ann2
Rumpole and the Reign of Terror - Mortimer, John2
Sacrifice - Bolton, S.J.2
Shimura Trouble - Massey, Sujata2
Shoulder The Sky - Perry, Anne2
Shutter Island - Lehane, Dennis2
Silence of the Grave - Indridason, Arnaldur2
Silks - Francis, Dick & Felix2
Six Geese A-Slaying - Andrews, Donna2
Skeleton Lake - Doogan, Mike2
Sliver of Truth - Unger, Lisa2
Small Favor - Butcher, Jim2
Soldier on the Porch - Wildwind, Sharon2
Special Topics In Calamity Physics - Pessl, Marisha2
Stalking Death - Flora, Kate2
Stone Cold - Baldacci, David2
Strangers in Death - Robb, JD2
Summer of the Big Bachi - Hirahara, Naomi2
The Black Hand - Thomas, Will2
The Book Thief - Zusak, Marcus2
The Bordeaux Betrayal - Crosby, Ellen2
The Broken Window - Deaver, Jeffrey2
The Chicago Way - Harvey, Michael2
The Cleaner - Battles, Brett2
The Crime Writer - Hurwitz, Gregg2
The Diva Runs Out of Thyme - Davis, Krista2
The Ever-Running Man - Muller, Marcia2
The Finder - Harrison, Colin2
The Fire - Neville, Katherine2
The Fourth Time is Murder - Havill, Stephen2
The Fourth Watcher - Hallinan, Timothy2
The Given Day - Lehane, Dennis2
The Good Son - Mclean, Russel2
The Grave Tattoo - McDermid, Val2
The Hanged Man - Skibbins, David2
The Janissary Tree - Goodwin, Jason2
The King Of Lies - Hart, John2
The Lady In The Lake - Chandler, Raymond2
The Likeness - French, Tana2
The Maltese Falcon - Hammett, Dashiell2
The Price - Sokoloff, Alex2
The Reapers - Connolly, John2
The Redbreast - Nesbo, Jo2
The Secret Hangman - Lovesey, Peter2
The September Society - Finch, Charles2
The Victoria Vanishes - Fowler, Christopher2
The Watchman - Crais, Robert2
The Woods - Coben, Harlan2
The Wrong Kind of Blood - Hughes, Declan2
Thirteenth Night - Gordon, Alan2
This Night's Foul Work - Vargas, Fred2
Thistle And Twigg - Saums, Mary2
Three Shirt Deal - Cannell, Stephen2
Thunder Bay - Krueger, William Kent2
Twilight - Meyer, Stephanie2
Voices - Indridason, Arnaldur2
We Shall Not Sleep - Perry, Anne2
When Gods Die - Harris, C. S.2
Winter in Madrid - Sansom, C.J.2
24 Hours - Iles, Greg1
6 Yalta Boulevard - Steinhauer, Olen1
A Beautiful Blue Death - Finch, Charles1
A Bitter Chill - Finnis, Jane1
A Bone to Pick - Harris, Charlaine1
A Christmas Guest - Perry, Anne1
A Christmas secret - Perry, Anne1
A Cold Day in Paradise - Hamilton, Steve1
A Corpse in the Koryo - Church, James1
A Cure for All Diseases - Hill, Reginald1
A Cure for Night - Peacock, Justin1
A Dangerous Road - Nelscott, Kris1
A Dark Adapted Eye - Vine, Barbara1
A Dead Man in Athens - Pearce, Michael1
A Death in the Venetian Quarter - Gordon, Alan1
A deeper sleep - Stabenow, Dana1
A Free Man of Color - Hambly, Barbara1
A Ghost of a Chance - Crider, Bill1
A Judgement in Stone - Rendell, Ruth1
A Kind of Acquaintance: A Kavanagh and Salt Mystery - Armstrong, David1
A Matter of Justice - Todd, Charles1
A Moment of Silence - Dean, Anna1
A Nail Through The Heart - Hallinan, Timothy1
A Perfect Evil - Kava, Alex1
A Perfect Grave - Mofina, Rick1
A Poisoned Mind Strohmeyer - Cooper, Natasha1
A Presumption of Death - Walsh, Jill Paton1
A Question Of Death (Short Stories) - Greenwood, Kerry1
A Rule Against Murder - Penny, Louise1
A spoonful of poison - Beaton, M.C.1
A Taste for Death - James, P. D.1
A Tisket a tasket A fancy stolen Casket - Rizer, Fran1
A Very Private Enterprise - Ironside, Elizabeth1
Acqua Alta - Leon, Donna1
After All These Years - Isaacs, Susan1
Alehouse Murders - Ash, Maureen1
all of them - Durrenmatt, Friedrich1
All's Well That Ends - Roberts, Gillian1
Always a Body to Trade - Constantine, K.C.1
Amuse Bouche - Bidulka, Anthony1
An Angel To Die For - Ballard, Mignon F1
An Arcadian Death - Jeffries, Roderic1
An Expert In Murder - Upson, Nicola1
Anatomy of Deception - Goldstone, Lawrence1
Anatomy of Fear - Santlofer, Jonathan1
And Murder for Dessert - Delaney, Kathleen1
And Then There Was No One - Adair, Gilbert1
Angels In The Gloom - Perry, Anne1
Angel's Tip - Burke, Alafair1
Antiques Flee Market - Allan, Barbara1
Arctic Chill - Indridason, Arnaldur1
Artifacts - Evans, Mary Anna1
At the City's Edge - Sakey, Marcus1
Aunt Dimity's Christmas - Atherton, Nancy1
Away with the Fairies - Greenwood, Kerry1
Baby Shark's High Plains Redemption - Fate, Robert1
Bad luck and trouble - Child, Lee1
Bangkok Haunts - Burdett, John1
Bean There Done That - Balzo, Sandra1
Beautiful Lies - Unger, Lisa1
Behind the scenes at the museum - Atkinson, Kate1
Bellow's Falls - Mayor, Archer1
Best Man to Die - Rendell, Ruth1
Best revenge - White, Stephen1
Big City Bad Blood - Chercover, Sean1
Big Red Tequila - Riorden, Rick1
Bimbos of the Death Sun - McCrumb, Sharyn1
Black Dove - Hockensmith, Steven1
Bleeding Kansas - Paretsky, Sara1
Blinded By Darkness - Burton, Tony1
Blindspot - Lepore/kamensky, Jill/jane1
Blood and Circuses - Greenwood, Kerry1
Blood At The Bookies - Brett, Simon1
Blood Detective - Waddell, Dan1
Blood From a Stone - Leon, Donna1
Blood Memory - Coel, Margaret1
Blood of the Lamb - Lister, Michael1
Blood of the Wicked - Gage, Leighton1
Blood Orchid - Woods, Stuart1
Blood Price - Huff, Tanya1
Blood Thirsty - Karp, Marshall1
Bloodshot - MacBride, Stuart1
Bodies Left Behind - Deaver, Jeffrey1
Bones and Silence - Hill, Reginald1
Bones in the Attic - Barnard, Robert1
Bones of the Barbary Coast: A Cree Black Novel - Hecht, Daniel1
Bones To Ashes - Reichs, Kathy1
Boneyard - Gagnon, Michelle1
Book of the Dead - Cornwell, Patricia1
Borderlands - McGilloway, Brian1
Borkmann's Point (translation ?06) - Nesser, Hakan1
Bound By Blood - Nelson, Rick1
Break And Enter - Harrison, Colin1
Brother - Fredericks, James1
Brother Cadfael's Penance - Peters, Ellis1
Brother Odd - Koontz, Dean1
Buffalo Bill's Defunct - Simonson, Sheila1
Burglars Can?t Be Choosers - Block, Lawrence1
Buried Too Deep - Finnis, Jane1
Burnt house - Kellerman, Faye1
By the Time You Read This - Blunt, Giles1
Calumet City - Newton, Charlie1
Cameleon's Shadow - Walters, Minette1
Carnaage on the Committee - Edwards, Ruth Dudley1
Case for Three Detectives - Bruce, Leo1
Chameleon's Shadow - Walters, Minette1
Change of Heart - Picoult, Jodi1
Charmed To Death - Damsgaard, Shirley1
Cheating At Solitaire - Haddam, Jane1
Child 44 - Smith, Tom Rob1
Chocolat - Harris, Joanne1
Christietown - Kandel, Susan1
Christine Falls - Black, Benjamin1
Christmas Is Murder - Challinor, C.S.1
Cimarron Rose - Burke, James Lee1
Circle Of Wolves - Wilson, Karen Ann1
City for Ransom - Walker, Robert1
City of the Sun - Levien, David1
Clabbered Dirt, Sweet Grass - Paulsen, Gary1
Closed Circle - Goddard, Robert1
Cold Case - Burcell, Robin1
Company of Liars - Maitland, Karen1
Compulsion - Kellerman, Jonathan1
Contents Under Pressure - Buchanan, Edna1
Cool Cache - Smiley, Patricia1
Cover-Up - Feinstein, John1
Cover-Up - Martinez, Michele1
Crooked - Wiprud, Brian1
Crucifix - Montanari, Richard1
Cry For Help - Mosby, Steve1
Cue the Easter Bunny - Evans, Liz1
Cure for Night - Peacock, Justin1
Curiosity Killed The Cat Sitter - Clement, Blaize1
Cutthroat - Brewer, Steve1
Cypress Grove - Sallis, James1
Dakota - Grimes, Martha1
Damage Control - Jance, J.A.1
Darkness Take My Hand - Lehane, Dennis1
Dead Beat - Butcher, Jim1
Dead connection - Burke, Alafair1
Dead Ex - Kozak, Harley Jane1
Dead Famous - O'Connell, Carol1
Dead Of Winter - Parrish, P. J.1
Dead Romantic - Brett, Simon1
Dead Silver - McMahon, Neil1
Dead until Dark - Harris, Charlaine1
Deadly Omen - Meredith, Marilyn1
Deadly Withdrawal - Hollstein, Michelle Ann1
Death Before Wicket - Greenwood, Kerry1
Death Books A Return - Hill, Marion Moore1
Death Gets A Time Out - Waldman, Ayelet1
Death in the Garden - Ironside, Elizabeth1
Death in the Morning - Radley, Sheila1
Death in West Wheeling - Dymmoch, Michael Allen1
Death of a cozy writer - Malliet, G.M.1
Death of a Mystery Writer - Barnard, Robert1
Death Of Sweet Mister - Woodrell, Daniel1
Death Rites - Gimenez-Bartlett, Alicia1
Death Song - McGarrity, Michael1
Death Swatch - Childs, Laura1
Death Walked In - Hart, Carolyn1
Death Was In The Picture - Richards, Linda L.1
Death With An Ocean View - Charles, Nora1
Death Without Company - Johnson, Craig1
Delete All Suspects - Andrews, Donna1
Demons Are A Ghoul's Best Friend - Laurie, Victoria1
Desert Noir - Webb, Betty1
Devil May Care - Foulkes, Sabastian1
Diagnosis Murder: The Death Merchant - Goldberg, Lee1
Dirty Sweet - Mcfetridge, John1
Divine Justice - Baldacci, David1
Dog Gone - Key, Eileen1
Don Of The Dead - Daniels, Casey1
Don't Look Back - Fossum, Karin1
Doors Open - Rankin, Ian1
Double Dog Dare - Johnston, Linda1
Dragon and Judge - Zahn, Timothy1
Drop edge of yonder - Casey, Donis1
Dying In Style - Viets, Elaine1
Dying Light - MacBride, Stuart1
Dying To Be Thin - Lilley, Kathryn1
Earthly delights: a Corinna Chapman mystery - Greenwood, Kerry1
East of Suez - Engel, Howard1
Effigies - Evans, Mary Anna1
Eight Million Ways to Die - Block, Lawrence1
Empire of Lies - Klavan, Andrew1
Enemy - Child, Lee1
Excursion To Tindari - Camillere, Andrea1
Exile Trust - O'Neil, Vincent H.1
Exit Strategy - Armstrong, Kelley1
Extreme Measures - Flynn, Vince1
Eye of the Needle - Follett, Ken1
Fablehaven: Rise Of The Evening Star - Mull, Brandon1
Face Time - Ryan, Hank Phillippi1
Feint of Art - Lind, Hailey1
Fer-de-Lance - Stout, Rex1
Fiddle Game - Thompson, Richard A1
Field Of Darkness - Read, Cornelia1
Fire and Ice - Stuart, Anne1
Fleece Navidad - Sefton, Maggie1
Folly du jour - Cleverly, Barbara1
Free Fire - Box, C. J.1
Free Reign - Aubert, Rosemary1
Frill Kill - Childs, Laura1
Fruits of the Poisonous Tree - Mayor, Archer1
Full Dark House - Fowler, Christopher1
Game Over - Harrod-Eagles, CynthiA1
Gas City - Estleman, Loren D.1
Gator Kill - Crider, Bill1
Gentlemen & Players - Harris, Joanne1
Get Out Or Die - Finnis, Jane1
Getting Old Is To Die For - Lakin, Rita1
Glass On The Stairs - Scherf, Margaret1
God's Spy - Gomez-Jurado, Juan1
Gone to Ground - Harvey, John1
Goodnight Nobody - Weiner, Jennifer1
Goody Goody Gunshots - Carter, Sammi1
Gorky Park - Cruz Smith, Martin1
Grinning in His Mashed Potatoes - Mosely, Margaret1
Grounds for Murder - Balzo, Sandra1
Guards - Bruen, Ken1
Hail to the Chef - Hyzy, Julie1
Half Broken Things - Morag, Joss1
Half the Blood of Brooklyn - Huston, Charlie1
Hamlet?s Revenge! - Innes, Michael1
Handbags and Homicide - Howell, Dorothy1
Handshape - Jennings, Maureen1
Harry Potter and the deathly hallows* - Rowling, J.K.1
Harry Potter and the half-blood prince* - Rowling, J.K.1
He Sees You When You're Sleeping - Higgins Clark, Mary & Carol1
Helen Has No Fury - Roberts, Gillian1
Hell for the Holidays - Grabenstein, Chris1
Hell Gate - Crabbe, Richard1
Hit and Run - Block, Lawrence1
Holy Moly - Rehder, Ben1
Honeymoon - Patterson, James1
Hooked On Murder - Hechtman, Betty1
Hot - Harper, Julia1
House Of Whispers - Lucke, Margaret1
Hundred-Dollar Baby - Parker, Robert B.1
Ice Trap - Sewell, Kitty1
I'll Be Seeing You - Clark, Mary Higgins1
Immoral - Freeman, Brian1
In A Dark House - Crombie, Deborah1
In At The Death - Wishart, David1
In Cold Blood - Capote, Truman1
In Like Flynn - Bowen, Rhys1
In the Bleak Midwinter - Hall, Patricia1
In the Company of Liars - Ellis, David1
In the Dark - Billingham, Mark1
In The Key of Death - Levinson, Robert S.1
In the shadow of the glacier - Delany, Vicki1
Invisible Prey - Sandford, John1
Irish tiger - Greeley, Andrew1
Iron Lake - Krueger, William Kent1
Jar City - Indridason, Arnaldur1
Judas Horse - Smith, April1
Killer Mousse - Wells, Melinda1
Killing Bridezilla - Levine, Laura1
King of the Holly Hop - Roberts, Les1
Lady killer - Scottoline, Lisa1
Last Embrace - Hamilton, Denise1
Last Rituals - Sigurdardottir, Yrsa1
Let the northern lights erase your name - Vida, Vendela1
Lifelines - Lyons, CJ1
Little Face - Hannah, Sophie1
Location Location - Sloane, Kit1
Lonely Hearts - Harvey, John1
Lonelyheart 4122 - Watson, Colin1
Looking for Rachel Wallace - Parker, Robert B.1
Lord John and the Brotherhood of the Blade - Gabaldon, Diana1
LOST (aka The Drowning Man) - Robotham, Michael1
Lost Girls - Shuman, George D.1
Love, Lies and Liquor - Beaton, M.C.1
Lover's Knot - O'Donohue, Clare1
Lush Life - Price, Richard1
M.I.A. - Dymmoch, Michael Allen1
Madman on a Drum - Housewright, David1
Maid in Heaven - Hollstein, Michelle Ann1
Maigret chez le ministre (a.k.a. Maigret and the Calame Report) - Simenon, Georges1
Malice In Mexico - Wigglesworth, Gayle1
March Violets - Kerr, Philip1
Mark of the Lion - Arruda, Suzanne1
Masquerade - Satterthwait, Walter1
Matricide At St Martha's - Edwards, Ruth Dudley1
Matty Groves - Grabien, Deborah1
Memories are Murder - Allin, Lou1
Messenger of Truth - Winspear, Jacqueline1
Metro Girl: Alex Barnaby Series - Evanovich, Janet1
Mew is for Murder - Simon, Clea1
Mind's Eye - Nesser, Hakan1
Miracle at Speedy Motors - Smith, Alexander McCall1
Miss Zukas and the Library Murders - Derske, Jo1
Missing - Alvtegen, Karen1
Money Shot - Faust, Christa1
Moscow Rules - Silva, Daniel1
Motherless Booklyn - Lethem, Jonathan1
Mr. Monk Goes to Germany - Goldberg, Lee1
Mr. Monk in Outer Space - Goldberg, Lee1
Mrs. Pollifax and the Golden Triangle - Gilman, Dorothy1
Mum's the Word - Collins, Kate1
Murder - Hall, Parnell1
Murder 101 - Barbieri, Maggie1
Murder at Bridge - Austin, Anne1
Murder At The Monk's Table - O'Marie, Carol Anne1
Murder At The Pta Luncheon - Wolzien, Valerie1
Murder Before Dawn - Whitney, Polly1
Murder Checks Inn - Myers, Tim1
Murder in Miniature - Grace, Margaret1
Murder in Montparnasse - Greenwood, Kerry1
Murder Is a Girl's Best Friend - Matetsky, Amanda1
Murder Never Forgets - O'Hehir, Diana1
Murder on Bank Street - Thompson, Victoria1
Murder On The Cape Fear - Hunter, Ellen Elizabeth1
Murder Under the Palms - Matteson, Stefanie1
Murder Unleashed - Viets, Elaine1
Name Games - Abresch, Peter1
New England White - Carter, Stephen1
New Hope for the Dead - Willeford, Charles1
Night Kill - Littlewood, Ann1
Nineteen Minutes - Picoult, Jodi1
No Country For Old Men - McCarthy, Cormac1
No More Heroes - Banks, Ray1
No One You Know - Richmond, Michelle1
No Such Thing as a Free Lunch! - Fredman, Shelly1
No wind of blame - Heyer, Georgette1
North Florida Noir - Lister, Michael1
Not all tarts are apple - Granger, Pip1
Nothing to Lose - Child, Lee1
Now May You Weep - Crombie, Deborah1
Oblivion - Abrahams, Peter1
Occam's Razor - Mayor, Archer1
Oh Danny boy - Bowen, Rhys1
One Drop of Blood - Holland, Thomas1
One Good Turn - Atkinson, Kate1
Open and Shut - Rosenfelt, David1
Organize Your Corpses - Maffini, Mary Jane1
Out Of The Deep I Cry - Spencer-Fleming, Julia1
Outsider in Amsterdam - van de Wetering, Janwillem1
Pale horse - Todd, Charles1
Paper Scissors Death - Slan, Joanna Campbell1
Paying For It - Black, Tony1
Peggy Sue Got Murdered - Gerritsen, Tess1
Penguin who knew too much - Andrews, Donna1
People Who Walk in Darkness - Kaminsky, Stuart1
Person of Interest - Schwegel, Theresa1
Peter and the secret of Rundoon - Barry, Dave1
Pictures of Perfection - Hill, Reginald1
Power in the Blood - Lister, Michael1
Precious Blood - Hayes, Jonathan1
Primal Threat - Emerson, Earl1
Promise Me - Coben, Harlan1
Promise Not to Tell - McMahon, Jennifer1
Protect and Defend - Flynn, Vince1
Pyres - Nikitas, Derek1
Quilt As Desired - Sachitano, Arlene1
Rain Dogs - Doolittle, Sean1
Rainaldi Quartet - Adam, Paul1
Rapscallion - McGee, James1
Recovering Dad - Sternberg, Libby1
Red Dragon - Harris, Thomas1
Remains Silent - Baden, Michael and Linda Kenney Baden1
Rendezvous At Kamakura Inn - Browne, Marshall1
Repair To Her Grave - Graves, Sarah1
Resolution - Parker, Robert B.1
Revelation - Sansom, C.J.1
Riptide - Tixier, Stan1
Road Rage - Rendell, Ruth1
Rock & Roll Never Forgets - Grabien, Deborah1
Roux Morgue - Johnson, Claire1
Rubicon - Alexander, Lawrence1
Ruddy Gore - Greenwood, Kerry1
Rules of Prey - Sandford, John1
Salt River - Sallis, James1
Sanctuary - Bruen, Ken1
Saturnalia - Davis, Lindsay1
Savage Night - Guthrie, Allan1
Saving Room for Desert - Constantine, K.C.1
Savvy - Law, Ingrid1
Say Goodbye - Gardner, Lisa1
Scared To Live - Booth, Stephen1
School Days - Parker, Robert B.1
Scone Cold Dead - Dunnett, Kaitlyn1
Seaweed on the Street - Evans, Stanley1
Second Violin - Lawton, John1
Seeking Whom He May Devour - Vargas, Fred1
Set Sail For Murder - Hart, Carolyn G.1
Shadow Dance - Andersen, Susan1
Shadow Man - McFadyen, Cody1
Shadow of the Wind - Zafon, Carlos Ruiz1
Shadows and lies - Eccles, Marjorie1
Shelter from the Storm - Dunbar, Tony1
Shermans Creek - Hopkins, Ronald1
Shoot the Lawyer Twice - Bowen , Michael A.1
Shooting in the Dark - Hougan, Carolyn1
Shot Girl - Olson , Karen E.1
Signs in the Blood - Lane, Vicki1
Silent In The Grave - Raybourn, Deanna1
Silver Anniversary Murder - Harris, Lee1
Skeleton Dance - Elkins, Aaron1
Slay Ride - Grabenstein, Chris1
Sleeping doll - Deaver, Jeffrey1
Slient in the Sanctuary - Raybourn, Deanna1
Small Crimes - Zelterserman, Dave1
Smell of Death - Meredith, F. M.1
Snake Dreams - Doss, James D.1
Snakeskin Shamison - Hirahara, Naomi1
Snitch Jacket - Goffard, Christopher1
So Brave, young, and handsome - Enger, Leif1
So Much Blood - Brett, Simon1
Sold Down the River - Hambly, Barbara1
Some Danger Involved - Thomas, Will1
Some welcome home - Wildwind, Sharon1
Something's Fishy in Palm Springs - Hollstein, Michelle Ann1
Sorrow On Sunday - Purser, Ann1
Soul Patch - Coleman, Reed Farrel1
Sparkling Cyanide - Christie, Agatha1
Stalked - Freeman, Brian1
Stalking the Angel - Crais, Robert1
State of the Union - Thor, Brad1
Statute of Limitations - Havill, Steven F.1
Stealing The Dragon - Maleeny, Tim1
Stiffs And Swines - Stanley, J.B.1
Still Life with Devils - Grabien, Deborah1
Stitches in Time - Michaels, Barbara1
Stone Cold - Parker, Robert B.1
Stone Quarry - Rozan, SJ1
Stormy weather - Woods, Paula L.1
Stranger in Paradise - Parker, Robert B.1
Strip For Murder - Prather, Richard S1
Suffer the Little Children - Leon, Donna1
Sugartown - Estleman, Loren D.1
Sweeping Up Glass - Wall, Carolyn D.1
Sweet Love - Cooper, Natasha1
Sweet Love - Strohmeyer, Sarah1
Sweet Man is Gone - Ehrhart, Peggy1
Sweetheart - Cain, Chelsea1
Tahoe Silence - Borg, Todd1
Takeover - Black, Lisa1
Teaser - Brogan, Jan1
The Accomplice - Ironside, Elizabeth1
The Afghan - Forsyth, Frederick1
The Age Of Dreaming - Revoyr, Nina1
The Anatomy Of Deception - Goldstone, Lawrence1
The Angel of Knowlton Park - Flora, Kate1
The Anteater of Death - Webb, Betty1
The April Fools Day Murder - Harris, Lee1
The Arsenic Labyrinth - Edwards, Martin1
The Bar Mitzvah Murder - Harris, Lee1
The Bastard's Tale - Frazer, Margaret1
The Battle of the Labyrinth - Riorden, Rick1
The Bee's Kiss - Cleverly, Barbara1
The Big Both Ways - Straley, John1
The Birth of Blue Satan - Wynn, Patricia1
The Black Ship - Dunn, Carola1
The Blood Ballad - MacPherson, Rett1
The Blood Of Caesar - Bell, Albert1
The Body in the Gallery - Page, Katherine Hall1
The body in the snowdrift - Page, Katherine Hall1
The Body on the Beach - Brett, Simon1
The Bone Garden - Gerritsen, Tess1
The Book of Air and Shadows - Gruber, Michael1
The Book of the old house - Graves, Sara1
The Case of the Demure Defendant - Gardner, Erle Stanley1
The Case of the Greedy Lawyers - Brookins, Carl1
The Castlemaine Murders - Greenwood, Kerry1
The Chameleon's Shadow - Walters, Minette1
The Chase - Cussler, Clive1
The Christening Day Murder - Harris, Lee1
The City of Falling Angels - Berendt, John1
The Cleanup - Doolittle, Sean1
The Clockwork Teddy - Lamb, John J.1
The Closet Hanging - Fennelly, Tony1
The Cluttered Corpse - Maffini, Mary Jane1
The Convict - Burke, James Lee1
The Cranefly Orchid Murders - Riggs, Cynthia1
The Crossroads - Grabenstein, Chris1
The Damascened Blade - Cleverly, Barbara1
The Dead Don't Get Out Much - Maffini, Mary Jane1
The Death Maze - Franklin , Ariana1
The Dirty Secrets Club - Gardiner, Meg1
The Disappeared - Rusch, Kristine Kathryn1
The Disposable Man - Mayor, Archer1
The Distant Land of My Father - Caldwell, Bo1
The Doorbell Rang - Stout, Rex1
The Dragonfly Pool - Ibbotson, Eva1
The Drowning Tree - Goodman, Carol1
The Edith Wharton murders - Raphael, Lev1
The Ex Debutant - Lee, Linda Francis1
The Face Of Death - Mcfadyen, Cody1
The Faithful Dead - Clare, Alys1
The Fathers Day Murder - Harris, Lee1
The Final Country - Crumley, James1
The Genius - Kellerman, Jesse1
The Ghost - Harris, Robert1
The Ghostway - Hillerman, Tony1
The Gilded Seal - Twining, James1
The Girl In The Green Raincoat - Lippman, Laura1
The girl in the green glass mirror - McGregor, Elizabeth1
The Girl Who Played with Fire - Larsson, Stieg1
The Girl With Braided Hair - Coel, Margaret1
The Glass Of Time - Cox, Michael1
The Glory Hole Murders - Fennelly, Tony1
The Good Friday Murder - Harris, Lee1
The Good Husband of Zebra Drive - McCall-Smith, Alexander1
The Good Thief's Guide To Amsterdam - Ewan, Chris1
The Green Mill Murder - Greenwood, Kerry1
The Guards - Bruen, Ken1
The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society - Schaffer, Ann1
The Happy Birthday Murder - Harris, Lee1
The Harper's Quine - Mcintosh, Pat1
The Heroines - Favorite, Eileen1
The House on Tradd Street - White, Karen1
The hunt for Sonya Dufrette - Raichev, R. T.1
The Iron Girl - Hart, Ellen1
The Ivy Tree - Stewart, Mary1
The Keepsake - Gerritsen, Tess1
The Killer Inside Me - Thompson, Jim1
The King of Swords - Stone, Nick1
The Lace Reader - Barry, Brunonia1
The Last Embrace - Hamilton, Denise1
The Last Good Day - Blauner, Peter1
The Last Troubadour - Armstrong, Derek1
The Lemur - Black, Benjamin1
The Life and Times of Miss Jane Marple - Hart, Anne1
The Long Close Call - Martin, J. Wallis1
The Lottery - Wood, Patricia1
The Lover's Knot - O'Donohue, Clare1
The Man Who Liked to Look at Himself - Constantine, K.C.1
The Mensa Murders - Martin, Lee (a.k.a. Anne Wingate)1
The Monkey's Raincoat - Crais, Robert1
The Monsters of Templeton - Groff, Lauren1
The Mothers' Day Murder - Harris, Lee1
The Motive From the Dead - Wynn, Patricia1
The Naming of the Dead - Rankin, Ian1
The Night Stalker - Swain, James1
The Pardon - Grippando, James1
The Patron Saint Of Butterflies - Galante, Cecilia1
The Pearl Diver - Massey, Sujata1
The Poe Shadow - Pearl, Matthew1
The Problem of the Wire Cage - Carr, John Dickson1
The Ragman's Memory - Mayor, Archer1
The Redemption of Alexander Seaton - MacLean, Shona1
The River Runs Orange - Harlick, R.J.1
The Scarlet Ruse - MacDonald, John D1
The Shanghai Tunnel - Newman, Sharon1
The Silver Anniversary Murder - Harris, Lee1
The Silver Swan - Black, Benjamin1
The Sister - Adams, Poppy1
The Snake Stone - Goodwin, Jason1
The Socorro Blast - Taichert, Pari Noskin1
The Spies of Warsaw - Furst, Alan1
The Spy Who Came for Christmas - Morrell, David1
The Squire's Tale - Frazer, Margaret1
The Tale of Briar Bank - Albert, Susan Wittig1
The Tales Of Beedle The Bard - Rowling, J.K.1
The Telling of Lies - Findley, Timothy1
The Three Coffins (a.k.a. The Hollow Man) - Carr, John Dickson1
The Tinder Box - Walters, Minette1
The Traitor's Tale - Frazer, Margaret1
The Triumph Of Caesar - Saylor, Stephen1
The Tunnels - Gagnon, Michelle1
The Turquoise Lamnet - MacDonald, John D1
The Two Minute Rule - Crais, Robert1
The Vanished - Pronzini, Bill1
The Various Haunts of Men - Hill, Susan1
The Water Room - Fowler, Christopher1
The Wednesday Wars - Schmidt, Gary D.1
The Whiskey Rebels - Liss, David1
The Winter of Frankie Machine - Winslow, Don1
The Winter Sea - Kearsley, Susanna1
The Woman in White - Collins, Wilkie1
The woman who rode to the moon - Johnson, Bett Reece1
The Writing Class - Willett, Jincy1
The Year Of Fog - Richmond, Michelle1
The Yom Kippur Murder - Harris, Lee1
Theodosia And The Staff Of Osiris - LaFevers, R.L.1
There Goes Santa Claus - Mehl, Nancy1
Thirty-Three Teeth - Cotterill, Colin1
Three Hands in the Fountain - Davis, Lindsay1
Three Monkeys - MacDonald, Marianne1
Through a Glass Deadly - Atwell, Sarah1
To Dream of the Dead - Rickman, Phil1
To Kingdom Come - Thomas, Will1
Tomb of Zeus - Cleverly, Barbara1
Too dead to swing - Glatzer, Hal1
Too Pretty to Die - McBride, Susan1
Traggedy Ann - Browning, Sinclair1
Trick Question - Dunbar, Tony1
Trigger City - Chercover, Sean1
Tropic of Night - Gruber, Michael1
Trunk Music - Connelly, Michael1
Unfinished Business - Seranella, Barbara1
Unholy Dying - Barnard, Robert1
Upon Some Midnights Clear - Constantine, K.C.1
Used and Rare - Goldstone, Lawrence1
Vanishing Act - Feinstein, John1
Vanishing Act - Perry, Thomas1
Various Haunts Of Men - Hill, Susan1
Village affairs - Chan, Cassandra1
Virgins and Martyrs - Merkel, E.L.1
Visions of Sugar Plums - Evanovich, Janet1
Vows of Silence - Hill, Susan1
Wash This Blood Clean From My Hand - Vargas, Fred1
Water For Elephants - Gruen, Sarah1
Water Like a Stone - Crombie, Deborah1
Waterloo Sunset - Edwards, Martin1
Whack-A-Mole - Grabenstein, Chris1
What Angels Fear - Harris, C. S.1
What Burns Within - Ruttan, Sandra1
What is Mine - Holt, Anne1
What's the Worst that Could Happen? - Westlake, Donald1
When Hell Freezes Over - Blechta, Rick1
When The Wind Blows - Saul, John1
Where Are You Now? - Clark, Mary Higgens1
Where There's A Will - Elkins, Aaron1
Widow's curse - DePoy, Phillip1
Wild Inferno - Ault, Sandi1
Without Fail - Child, Lee1
Wolfsbane And Mistletoe - Harris/Kelner, Charlaine/Toni1
Working Stiff - Carrington, Tori1
Written In Bone - Beckett, Simon1
Your Heart Belongs To Me - Koontz, Dean1
Yukon Murders - Porter, Don G.1